Tuesday, 4 February 2014

Sunday Summary #3 on a Tuesday!

Sam came to stay, my #accessallasos package finally came, hanging out of my arse all day Saturday

Hey guys, sorry I've been away all week I've had so much to do deadline wise and then over the weekend I was hanging out of my arse there was no way I could write a blog post! Haha. So what did last week bring me? Well I had the most awful immunology assignment ever and I'm not kidding guys it almost killed me! But hey ho I'm done with Bacteria for a little while now. The week also contained me breaking my diet yet working out extra hard at the gym. I also finally received my #AccessallAsos parcel how cute are those pug socks? Thanks Asos! Friday Samantha came up for the night so we could go out to Metal night and get absolutely wasted, this was achieved I can barely remember a thing but it was an unreal night I love Sam. Saturday was dreadful I had about 3 hours of sleep and ended up eating my body weight in hangover food ie Sausage, egg, chips and beans followed by a late night trip to McDonalds in my onesie! Oh the things hangovers make me do! Haha

How was your week? Did you do anything interesting over the week?
K. x

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