Sunday, 16 February 2014

The Olde Young Tea house, Middlesbrough.

Last weekend the girls and I decided we'd have a cultural day around Middlesbrough. We visited the MIMA which is pretty cool but slightly empty like some exhibitions were fairly cool like there's one by Markus Karstieß called Hello Darkness which included loads of pot and stuff it's hard to describe but there is a photo on the Mima web page if you have a look haha. So once we'd finished taking Museum selfies and getting soaked in the rain we popped into The Olde Young Tea House now I've been wanting to visit since I started at Teesside Uni and hadn't gotten around to it until last weekend, now I want to live there.
This quite possibly the worst photo of me ever due to rain and lack of sleep but oh well. 
Luckily the Tea Shop was quite empty due to it being late in the afternoon so we got seated right away. The store is super cute with bunting and cute little pictures / posters all over the walls. I love that they display all the teas available (over 60 types!) on the shelves in store so you can just go up and pick them like in a sweet shop! Next time I'm trying the Apple Cinnamon one it sounds unreal! Sadly when we arrived they were almost out of cake but we still made the most of it. Abbey opted for the White Chocolate and Malteser cake which looked (and tasted) amazing to go with her tea, Shona stayed with a just a pot of Earl Grey and I went for a Cherry Scone with cream and jam. Let me tell you about that scone, oh my god it was amazing. It was so good I, my mouth is just watering thinking about it!
We ate and chatted and drank plenty of tea it was a really nice afternoon, I can't wait to go back for my birthday afternoon tea in March! The place is so cute and friendly it's so cosy and you just never want to leave. The girls who run it are lovely also, they were happy to let me take photos and to answer any questions we had which was great.
I honestly couldn't recommend the place enough to anyone who likes tea or just wants to sit and have a nice relaxing cute afternoon in Middlesbrough since this is definitely a hidden gem! You could walk right by the stores it's that cute and small the perfect size for it though! The prices are great aswell! I think it was £5 for the scone and a pot of tea, you can't go wrong really! I can't wait to visit it again and have more scones and some cake!

Have you ever been to The Olde Young Tea House? What did you do last weekend?
K. x

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