Friday, 7 March 2014

Fashion Inspiration Friday #1 ... 90s Grunge

Recently I've been in love with the grunge look, I just want it to be summer so I can try out cami dresses with stockings and Dr Martens already! I've mainly been pining Courtney Love & Taylor Momsen as inspiration at the minute, Courtney was a babe back in the day those dresses and that pout whilst Momsen is totes bringing that look back and I love it, can I just wear stockings with all my dresses please?
First off can  we all take a moment to appreciate the mega babes that are Courtney Love and Taylor Momsen? Major style crush right there, I would kill for half of Love's wardrobe from the 90s. I feel like I've all I've done recently is long for cami dresses and plaid shirts or plaid dresses with converse. I really want to try and pull the stocking and cami dress look off, hopefully I'll be able to do so without looking like a dick haha. I'm not entirely sure what it is about the 90s grunge look that I'm loving but I think it's the fact that it reminds me of summer and it's cute but badass I'm all about looking cute with a hint of badass. I mean look at Taylor Momsen whack some stockings or fishnets on and bad you look badass. That is my new aim in life to pull of cute but badass. I've been pining and wishlisting just about everything that I could imagine Courtney Love wearing just because I want to be her. This is a fairly pointless post but I'm just so in love with the style I thought I'd share it with you guys and make a little wishlist up of all the items I think are perfect for this style. haha. 
Grunge 2014
Tartan Swing DressBlack Cami DressCream Beanie HatTartan Shirt DressTile Print Shirt  DressStockingsTartan Skater DressTartan LeggingsSunglassesBackpackCut Out BootsT-bar ShoesMatte Nail VarnishEyelinerLipstick Crayon.

Those little shirt dresses I think are perfect for the Courtney Love look pairing them with the T-bar shoes and some fishnets or stockings and it's perfect grunge. The Swing/Cami dresses with the stockings, sunglasses and cut out boots are perfect for Taylor Momsen's look I think. I love the little backpack I think it's so cute I usually carry around one of those massive vans ones everyone had back in '06 so this would be ideal for when I don't have as much stuff to carry. To top off the grunge look I believe you can't go wrong with matte nails, dark eyes and red lips. Make sure you smudge your eye make up though you don't want to look clean and tidy haha.

What do you think of the 90s grunge look? Are there any trends you think I should check out?
K. x
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  1. Nooooo not Courtney Love, she's nasty! >.< You need to stop reminding me that I need some Dr Martens in my life, I'm too poor...

    Danniella x

    1. Oh no I love Courtney's fashion I don't like her as a person tho haha. I'm sorry I just really need some new Dr Martens but I'm too poor also :( x

  2. you have some awesome inspiration there! i like those tartan dresses a lot! especially if paired with a backpack ^^

    1. Thank you! The dresses are lush aren't they! Definitely on my to buy list! Xx