Tuesday, 4 March 2014

Hello March!

I love March, it's always my favourite month bar June most likely because it's my birthday. March to me though always feels fresh and bright, you've had those long cold dull winter months and March is where it suddenly starts to get warmer and brighter. You can wear less layers and catch more daylight between going out and coming in. You start to feel excited for the summer, knowing that it's just around the corner. You have easter coming up which means loads of chocolate which makes anyone happy. This is why I love March. For me this year March is super duper busy, I have so much planned so I'll have loads to blog about hopefully!
So what does March mean for me?

  • 100s of University assignments are due in but no problem I'm determined to crack down and get them handed in before they're due!
  • My Harry Potter themed 20th Birthday Party! I'm super excited about this I just hope it goes to plan.
  • Afternoon tea for on my actual Birthday with my favourites from uni.
  • Steel Panther in Lincoln! Another trip to Lincoln I just can't wait, I get to see my best friends and watch some good bands.
  • A trip home to see the family, I can't wait to spend a weekend with my grandparents.
  • Fall Out Boy in Newcastle! Oh how I'm counting down to this! If I don't hear some classic tracks I will not be happy. 
  • The end of term which means second year is almost over which is pretty scary if I'm honest. 
So it doesn't look like much written like that but each week I have an event or two meaning I'm going to be so busy but I can't wait. I'm so excited to see my best friends from home I haven't seen Brandon & Lewis since Christmas and Sam since January! I might also be getting a cheeky tattoo!
March I hope you're an improvement on February, I'm sure you will be since you're fully booked, lets hope that things run smoothly!
Do you have much planned for March? What are you excited for this month?
K. x
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