Wednesday, 19 March 2014

Kloe you're 20 what are you doing?

So last Tuesday I turned twenty and to celebrate we threw a house party the weekend before, we decided on a Harry Potter theme because I love Harry Potter like any normal person does. We had a mini house party and then headed out to Sumo which is a rock event on a Friday night in Middlesbrough it's amazing they play stuff such as Slipknot, Rammstein, Fall Out Boy, Architects, Bring Me and so much more they even chuck in the occasional Busted track too! It's the best if you're in Middlesbrough you've got to go, the Friday of my birthday night out they had a slumber party theme! So there was a giant stage thing set up where you could have pillow fights and there was free pizza and face masks and karaoke too apparently (I don't remember seeing any of these things oops!) We also went out on the Tuesday night on my actual birthday which was fairly good. For the Friday most people made some effort to kind of look like something Harry Potter related of course we couldn't go all out as we were going out but Abbey made an amazing effort as the Golden Snitch and Mitch got some twigs and wore them for a while so he could be the Whomping Willow! So yeah I thought I'd share some nice and some embarrassing drunken photos with you guys because you know who doesn't love drunken photos? 
I choose to be Bellatrix I look like a bit of a slutty version look at those boobies but oh well. I'm in love with the dress I got in from Missguided just before Christmas I teamed it with my Jeffrey Campbells and a Dark Mark temporary tattoo from ebay I felt so bad ass. My hair took 3 washes to get it back to my normal thickness and to get all the products out, never again am I back combing it!
Check out Abbey's Snitch outfit! Her dress was Primark and she made the wings herself.
Becca made herself some feathers and became Fawkes for the night!
Shona came as Tonks since she has purple hair.
Mitch is the Whomping Willow, this really made me laugh.
Jonathan came as Harry Potter but refused to wear glasses.
This is what happens if you feed me vodka slushies.

Tuesday brought with it a trip to Keys after my two day hangover I headed back out this time channelling my inner grunge babe, Dress Newlook, Dr Martens Schuh, Jacket Drop Dead, Tights Primark.
Sumo was filled with vodka slushies and shots, I remember almost being sick on the dance floor it's one of the few things I remember! Oops. Becca had to take me home in a taxi and help me into my onsie and sit in the bathroom with me for a while, I died guys, I swear I don't want to feel like that ever again! Drink responsibly kids! Serious. Tuesday at Keys was a lot more respectable I didn't drink too much and managed to get myself home no problem! I hope you've enjoyed these ridiculous photos from my birthday nights out and don't judge me! There is a post coming tomorrow though all about my much more adult birthday event aftternoon tea! With that I'm going to leave you with this photo! Enjoy (I'm so beautiful hahaha) 
Pull yourself together Kloe you're twenty now act responsibly and maturely! Haha.
How did you celebrate your last birthday? What do you like to drink when you're out?
K. x

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