Thursday, 6 March 2014

BEAUTY: | Lime Crime Red Velvet Velvetine Review.

First off please excuse how special I look in the above photo, I was preparing for a night out and the photo was a rush or I'd have never have gotten one!
So I've been dying for a Velvetine since they first got released but every single time I went to buy one they were out of stock Oh how it broke my heart! Finally though a few weeks ago I was just having a browse on Cute Cosmetics and what do I find? It's in stock without even thinking twice about it I'd bought it and was sat dying for it arrive. I've worn it on every occasion since! I'm just in love, the colour is a bit more Red in real life. It's so easy to apply and dries fairly quick which is always a plus if you ask me, once dry it's a little bugger to budge! I know this should be a good thing but when you want to wash it off and you've got to really scrub it's no fun. I can confirm though barely any mark is left on glasses and barely any smudges when kissing (that's always a pro right? No one wants lipstick all over their face yes?) It's quite possibly one of the best lipsticks I've bought although Lime Crime is rather pricey sadly but I'm still dying for the Clueless Witch Collection especially Salem and Wicked I can't wait for them to launch!
What do you think of the Velvetines? Have you found any cheaper dupes? 

K. x
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  1. Who've you been kissing, eyyyy? ;) Looks lush on, I would never suit a red lip like you! xx

    1. Haha wouldn't you like to know ;) Just this fit guy I'm friends with ha. Thank you, I love red lips I'm never 100% sure I suit it though haha xx