Friday, 21 March 2014

Lincoln // Steel Panther!

So on Friday I took a long over due trip down to Lincoln not only was I visiting my best friend but also going to see the amazing band Steel Panther! I'd been waiting for this for months! Sam met me and Brandon at the station went back to hers where she surprised me with some pretty amazing birthday presents (Corey Taylors graphic novel and a pretty freakin' cool bird skull necklace! isn't she the bestest!) and a cake! Before we headed to josh's, the boys were all dressed in leggings leopard print and all I'm still laughing thinking about it! We headed off to the Engine Shed after a couple of drinks to await the Panther. 
I'm wearing, Drop Dead dungarees, H&M platform hightops, eBay crop top and Primark bag. 

 Me, Sam & Byron before the show we are looking fabulous.
These are all iPhone photos sadly since I couldn't take my big camera as we were going to a club after.

 How amazing is Sam's new hair?
Just met Lexxi outside of Sugar Cubes with one of the lads, no biggie. 

Panther put on an amazing show, I wasn't expecting much from them but they really made us laugh. I'm now even more excited to see them at Download! After the show we headed off to Sugar Cubes which is the best place ever in Lincoln. The band ended up showing up and we got to meet the Bass player who has the most amazing cheek bones ever! Sadly all fake.
Saturday we awoke with slight hangovers and said goodbye to Brandon before heading into the town? (is Lincoln a city or a town?) for a wander around, I love Lincolns little shops up Steep Hill, I could spend hours walking around! We ended up with a trip to Patisserie Valerie where I ended up buying four cakes (oops) but I do not regret it since I shared them with the family once I got home. I soon had to head back up North though to visit home since it was my Granda's 79th birthday!
I hate leaving Lincoln because it's so pretty and Middlesbrough really isn't. Oh well I'm sure I'll be going back down to visit Sam soon.

Have you been to any shows recently? Have you visited Lincoln?
K. x

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