Monday, 31 March 2014

Sumonday Summary #5

Homemade Red Velvet Cake, Grimoire jewellery is my new favourite store check them out! I finally booked my tattoo in on Thursday, I'm super scared! Have a selfie of me just before I went home on Saturday.
Saturday night I went out in Durham with some good friends, Sunday brought hungover Sunday Lunch, My home town has been so foggy since I got back but I kinda like how eerie it looks, finally it's been lovely getting to see my grandparents here's my granda flat out asleep on the couch with the dogs haha.

Life has been so busy! I'm so sorry for barely blogging this month, I've had so much on I haven't even had time to think about blogging! I have though got plenty of posts planned for the next month so that you don't get bored and abandon me all together. I mean I kinda feel like none of you enjoy reading my stuff anymore, I haven't received many comments for a while do I need to change my writing? Give me some feedback guys haha. So I haven't done one of these posts since last month! Oops. Plus this was meant to be posted yesterday but I guess today will do haha. I have been super busy though so don't be mad haha. So what have I been up to this past week? Life has been so busy, uni has been so stressful an assignment every week! I almost died haha, I'm so happy Easter is here! I've got an entire 10 days to spend with my family before I need to head back to Middlesbrough since I've got even more uni work to do and to get my tattoo!
This past week has been filled with doing work and trying to get some sleep, uni was the same as always. I did visit Skins and Needles who've done two of my tattoos to book in a bigish one on my thigh after putting it off for a year! It's setting me back £180 but it's going to be so pretty I'm so excited but I'm also terrified haha. I'm a massive wimp! Saturday I went back home and got an invite for a 'quiet few in the village' with a few of the lads from school this ended up in a full session in Durham and downing pints of cider resulting vomiting everywhere, not my finest moment in life. I did have a good night though, it was lovely to see Shaun and Michael I haven't seen them since Christmas and it was also great to see Lewis off his face even though I did pay for it on Sunday. Sunday was spent having the best dinner I've had in a while and reading I love relaxing Sundays at home!

What have you done this past week? Are you excited about the Easter Holidays? 

K. x
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