Tuesday, 29 April 2014

I accidentally went shopping oops. Haul Post!

So last week I accidentally fell into primark and came out with several bits, the same then happened when I decided to browse online several things fell into my basket and somehow I ended up with new things. Oops. I'm not too sorry though, I've been in desperate need on new clothes for a while, since joining the gym in september I've gone down a dress size and it wasn't too much trouble until I looked at my summer wardrobe, which was heart breaking, sure a lot of stuff still fits but a lot of it was baggy, I'm currently awkwardly between and 8 and a 10. Do you know how bad it is being between sizes?! I could cry! Anyway I decided to treat myself to some nice new things with my student loan shall I get on with it yeah? 
 I swear every summer for the past three years I've bought a new pair of white shoes, but I just love how comfy the primark ones and at the price of them I don't really mind buying a new pair every year.
I love primark underwear! I love the bra and pants set that cost £9 I think and the floral pairs were £1-£1.50 each and the DC ones were £2.50 totally worth it though. I have an unhealthy love of buying new underwear every I do a clothing shop haha.
 These are my essentials for Download festival, I wanted a cheap hat 'cause if I lose it I don't want to be upset that I've lost one of my favourite hats haha. I also got some bamboo cotton socks, oh my god. These feel amazing, I'm currently loving knee high socks and these are so soft I just want to live in them.
 Because why would you want to be anything other than a unicorn?! These are my new favourite pjs, if you follow me on instagram you'll have seen them make a few appearances but just look how cute they are. They were a tenner I believe from Primark.
 I'm getting so sick of carrying my massive vans rucksack around with me all the time so I thought it was about time I got a small one and this has been perfect so far, I can't wait to use it all weekend at download. Currently £6 at Primark.
 Me and Abbey should not be allowed to go shopping together, we both ended up coming out of Bank with this amazing vest for a tenner. We both have a massive mutual love for pizza it's pretty much the basis of our friendship.
I've been in search of a new bikini for so long now, I had seen a lush 50s style one in Primark but no matter which store I went to the smallest size they had was a 14. Then I fell in love with this how perfect is that?! But that is out of stock everywhere! Feeling heart broken I decided to explore the rest of Newlooks Kelly Brooke bikini range and found this cutie, it fits so nicely, the pants sit just right on the hips and the top gives you enough lift/boost too. Yey all round. I can't find it online but it cost £25 all together I think and to me that's a good price because I know it'll last me a fairly long time. I've found a similar one here though.
This is also from Kelly Brookes range at Newlook, I fell in love with it as soon as I saw it. It's going to become my favourite bra I think, although I can't wear it for every day wear really. But I can see it making a few cheeky appearances with highwaisted skirts and shorts or at download festival.
I love little black dresses. This one is perfect for just chucking on for a night out or just sitting about in the garden. Newlook at Asos is my favourite thing because they have all the petite items so this is the perfect length on me!
If you follow my instagram you'll have seen this beauty a few times already! I'm just so in love with it and it's in the 70% off section of Asos! Perfect.
GIRAFFES on a dress! Oh and lions, elephants etc but Giraffes! I knew I needed this in my life the second I saw it, I just need someone to take me to the zoo so I can wear it now haha. Asos you have done well once again!
I've started to make smoothies for breakfast and this cup is just perfect. Of course a haul post wouldn't be the same without a book in there, I finally own the most beautiful copy of Dorian Gray.
I also treat myself to some beauty products, expect some reviews coming soon. Bathtub teabags, these are the most amazing things ever! I got myself the Mua Velvet Lipstick but I still haven't opened it because a few days later I bought myself the Lime Crime Velvetine in Wicked! I'm utterly in love with it, I'll probably put the MUA one in a give away. Haha. I also finally got myself the Scandaleyes micro liner and the Barry M matte nail paint after featuring them in several wishlists haha! I also treat myself to a set from the Dita Von Teese collection for Art Deco, I've wanted a lipstick for ages finding they were half price in debenhams made my day, I ended up getting a set with a mascara too for £12.50! I was over the moon.
Finally I decided to bite the bullet and buy the most amazing ring, everrrrrrr. Rock N Rose have the most amazing items at the moment. I've been dying for one of the Nasty rings for so long now, I spent an age deciding which to buy I wanted the Fuck You one too but I decided Eat A Dick was better (Sorry if this sort of thing offends anyone haha.)

So I've bought quite a few new items and as you can see I've added so much colour to my wardrobe! Hahaha. I can't wait to get some new outfit posts up next week, I've currently got some massive spots come up that I cannot for the life of me be bothered to edit out haha. Shopping always makes happier although I'm sure it doesn't make my bank balance happy haha.
What have you been buying recently? 

K. x
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  1. OMG love the dress :D I have a few giraffe print items of clothing - a couple of tshirts, PJs and a few deesses. Oooooh I have a gorgeous Summery giraffe dress actually, if the weather is OK when we have our cake date I'll have to wear it to show you!

    I have a good solution to being between sizes - eat cake, lots of cake :p

    I love Kelly Brooks stuff in New Look, I bought an amazing dress a year or so ago from her range that always comes out at weddings x

    1. I have so much with giraffes on! I want the CK collection so bad. Annd oh I can wear mine too,! I love Kelly Brookes range but it's just so expensive I can't buy everything :( xx

  2. Ahh those unicorn PJ's are adorable, I'm going to seek them out next time I'm in primark. The zoo print dress is amazing too!

    Also well done on dropping a dress size! I definitely need to get back into my gym routine, have been so bad recently. x

    1. They're adorable aren't they! I'm loving anything with animals on at the minute haha. And thank you! I'm determined to be pretty toned come summer, I've had three weeks off the gym I'm so happy to get back into a routine x

  3. Wooo HAUL! :D I really want the fuck off ring but I'm not sure whether I should get it? I saw one similar on Etsy and I keep thinking about it...

    Danniella x

    1. I need it! Haha. I got the Eat A Dick one and haven't stopped wearing it! Haha. x

  4. I NEED THE UNICORNS JIM JAMS IN MY LIFE! Like right now! Lovely haul. The giraffe dress is so cute x

  5. I saw you got them! The giraffe dress is amaze isn't it! x

  6. I have this asos dress, I love it!

    hannah xo