Tuesday, 1 April 2014

Introducing The Antler Room.*

Since I moved out I've been searching for quirky homewares, especially antlers and anything to do with animals or making a room look like a hunting lodge I blame my grandparents. Anyway over the summer I discovered The Weird & Wonderful and instantly fell in love with almost everything in the store they've featured on so many of my wishlists, I mean they even sell Death's Head Hawk Moths for goodness sake! I'm just in love with everything the store has on offer, if only I had unlimited amounts of money ey?
Anyway the Weird and Wonderful have a sister store The Antler Room. The company is amazing, they aim to provide the largest selection of antlers in every size, colour and species in the UK. The company also support the WWF giving monthly donations which if you ask me is just lovely, they get their products from reputable dealers too along with trying their best to preserve the natural beauty of the animal. The majority of the pieces sold come from road kill, accidental death, disease or old age, an animal is never killed as a trophy to be sold. Of course the occasional item will be a hunting trophy but with the nature of these pieces this cannot be helped and these pieces are usually antiques all of the items sold have as much information provided as possible and if you're curious about the ethics of an item you like the store are happy to answer any enquires.
A few weeks ago The Antler Room kindly sent me this beauty from the Roe Buck Contemporary Collection just look at them!

They came pretty quickly which is always a plus and I couldn't wait to tear into the package! I love Antlers and aim to have a vast collection once I get my own home that isn't a student house haha. The plaque is a much lighter more pastel type green in real life the photos don't do it justice, the plaque is also super sturdy too which is always a plus. The Antlers are attached perfectly too, there's no damage to the skull to be seen sometimes you get these kind of things and the screws etc aren't very well concealed but the Antler Room do an amazing job of that. I feel like these look at home in my room so I'm going to treat myself to another set once I get my student loan in. I feel as if the antlers give my room the edge I was looking for and make me think of home I'm 100% in love with them.
The store has some absolutely beautiful sets online you really should check them out if you want some amazing home pieces! I'd definitely recommend the service, my queries were answered quickly and the staff were super friendly. The item is of high quality and I just want to go and spend far too much money in the store, just wait until the end of the month!

What do you think of Antlers? Would you buy something like this for your home?

K. x
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  1. I LOVE this! i've actually been looking for something similar, and i love the kind of vintage feel to this one. so cool!

  2. They look so good! I'm going to have to get something from their entomology range when I next have some money! :D xxx

    1. So pretty aren't they! I'm dying to get a Deaths Head Hawk Moth! Haha xxx

  3. They're super cool arent they! I love the store, you should check them out! xxx

  4. Very, very jealous. I've been lusting after a few pieces from the Weird and Wonderful store for a while. I think I actually featured some in a wishlist a month or two back! It's important to me that any taxidermy or antlers are sourced through natural causes and not from hunting which most of theirs are stated to be.
    I'm after some large red deer antlers so better get saving up!


    1. I'm in love with almost everything on the store! Haha, yeah I saw your wishlist post! xx