Sunday, 27 April 2014

Little Things #3

 Me and the girls had a mexican night last week it was so good, we had the spiciest chili with chili con queso it was so good, just what we needed. I love mexican food it's quite possibly my favourite.
 This is my new favourite Ben & Jerrys flavour, if you haven't tried it go now, go do not waste time get to your nearest supermarket and try it! NOW I SAID! RUN!
 Going home for Easter was super nice not only did I get to see my family but I got to spend some time with some pretty good friends. Good Friday saw me end up at the beach with Michael and Shaun these two are great and we then ended up in the pub later on with Lewis. I love spontaneous days out, and nights at our local pub, especially when Lewis comes because he's just hilarious.
 How amazing are my new pj bottoms? So adorable! I'm currently loving that I can live in my pjs, sleep as much as I like and catch up on my reading!
 After our student loans went in the first chance we got me and Abbey headed to Pixies Diner and had breakfast, I went for waffles with maple syrup and Abbey opted for a big breakfast. Both were amazing, I also went for cake and for a mini meeting about an event ;) with Danni at the Tea house in Middlesbrough I had a Pina Colada cupcake and it was just amazing!
On Saturday me and Abbey (she's new to the blogging community go say hi!) attended the Eat Sleep Blog Repeat event, more to come on that though! I spent Saturday eating so much but food just makes me so happy! I had lunch at Northside Diner and then when I got back me and Becca stuffed our faces with the new pizza hut xtreme cheesey pizza, it was just I can't even describe it! Haha. So it appears I spend a lot of my time eating food from the look of it! Hahaha, I don't care if you can't enjoy food what is the point in life? Food is my one true love I swear!
Anyway back to the little things in life! Recently I've been so thankful for good friends, they really know what to say and do to make you feel better and cheer you up. They're just there no matter what, you can do anything together or go anywhere together. I really enjoyed spending time with everyone back home, Michael & Shaun make my life they always make me feel like I'm pretty special haha. Abbey's pretty great too, we're completely different, I mean look at that photo! Haha. I have no idea how we're so close we like completely different things although we do talk about Zac Efron and Food a lot so that's probably why! Anyway yeah I've been fairly happy recently, I have some great friends, especially those who are just a text away to give advice or cheer me up. I'm feeling pretty thankful for them at the minute.
So yeah my friends and food are my little things of the moment! 

What have you been doing recently? What's making you happy?
K. x
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  1. My thoughts:

    I've never tried the Ben and Jerrys yoghurts, I think I've just decided that because they're a "yoghurt" there'll be healthier than ice-cream and therefore wont taste as good? I have a feeling this one might be on offer in Tesco at the moment though so maybe I should give it a go?

    WTF is that orange blob on your ice-cream?! CONFUSED!

    I LOVE your unicorn PJ bottoms so much!

    I think I need to add Pixies Diner to my list of places to go in M'Brough, those waffles look amazing

    I've always thought that food makes the world go round .. food and love .. that's all you need :D

    This is all :D

    1. Oh no! You have to try them! They taste amazing, I think I prefer it to icecream! Give it a go definitely!
      The blob is a lemon top a boro speciality.
      The pjs are amazing aren't they!
      Pixies is pretty good not as good as the Newcastle diners though!
      Food is the best xx

  2. I must own those jim jam bottoms like right now! Sounds like you have had a fab week! x

    1. They're amazing aren't they, I hope you find them. And I did, it was pretty good :) X

  3. I dunno if we can ever meet up you are far too pretty and it'll make me feel too inferior! It was bad enough with gorgeous Claire!

    Ps. LOVE the Pjs! :D xoxox

    1. Oh shush! Haha. We need to meet up! Haha. xxx

  4. Well The Ben and Jerry's frozen yoghurt has also been making me happy, but i kinda ruined the slightly healthy effects by having it with a huge slice of apple pie - so worth it!

    Gems x
    Fashion, Well Done