Sunday, 13 April 2014

Little Things #2

Sometimes you've got to take notice of the smaller things in life and appreciate them instead of waiting around for the big things to happen. Recently I've started doing this and I've found myself feeling much more positive about things.
1-3 My gran turned 70 last week and got so many flowers her house looked so pretty!
4 & 5 My gran and granda have the most perfect reading chair by the window in a corner and I love sitting there they also have some pretty amazing old cookbooks.
6 - 10 While at home I decided to have a walk about my local town I ended up having a walk down to the cemetery to see my grans grave and some how took some photos of the cemetery I didn't take any so I must have caught my camera but I kinda like them the awful mist really adds to them I think.
11 I had a family bowling trip for my grans 70th birthday it was fairly fun, I still suck at bowling though
12 Me & Abbey went to Za Za Bazzar on Monday in Newcastle, unlimited mini lemon meringue pies what more do you want in life? Oh and they do unlimited nachos with nacho cheese sauce, I swear it's perfection. Oh and unlimited Cheese Cake! Get yourself there!
13 Thursday saw me getting tattooed! More on that in an up can coming post though!
14 Milkshake at Baker Street Kitchen where I had lunch with the lovely Danni of Gingerbread Smiles to discuss a Blogger Meet in Middlesbrough! Exciting stuff keep your eyes and ears open!
15 & 16 Sam, Lewis & Brandon came down to visit me on Friday night and we all headed off to Sumo with Shona for a night of Amaretto and Cream Soda (try it, it's just like liquid marzipan! <3) and lots of metal!

Sometimes you've just got to relax and take a look around and appreciate the things you normally wouldn't. Although I'm starting to regret the tattoo idea, I'm hobbling about everywhere at the moment! Haha. I've really enjoyed the past two weeks sadly Monday brings the fact I have to do some work with it. But I've loved spending sometime relaxing and seeing my family and catching up on my sleep. I guess that's what Easter is for ey?

What have you been over the Easter Holidays? Do you enjoy the smaller things in life?
K. x
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  1. Gorgeous photos of the flowers :)

    That tattoo is HUGE you crazy lady, that must have really hurt?!

  2. Thank you, and I know I didn't expect it to be so big! Haha. It wasn't as bad as I expected to be honest! x

  3. Aww your town looks lovely! :)

    1. Haha, thanks, it's really not but thank you. xxx

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