Monday, 5 May 2014

365, 01-07

So I was going to start this at the beginning of the year and didn't get round to it, so I decided to start now! Haha. I know it's a bit late in the year but Yolo and all that jazz. Also I think this will take over my 'sunday summary' posts and my 'little things' posts because on Sundays I'm always too busy doing nothing to remember to write my sunday summary post haha. Anyway shall we see what the last week brought me?
01/365 Me and Abbey popped into the Ole Young Teahouse for a slice of cake before our lecture, this Goldbar cake was just amazing.
02/365 I'm loving breakfast smoothies, I feel so much better about myself and feel so much healthier since starting doing so, I just need to keep a good stock of almond milk and fruit in my fridge! Haha.
03/365 Sausage sandwiches at the southfield are the best way to spend lunch time after doing too much revision and psyching yourself up for the gym.
04/365 IT is one of my favourite books and it just never gets old. I always opt for reading horrors in the bath for some reason! I have loved that I now have time to relax in the bath.
05/365 I finished all my course work and had my last lab of the year by 4pm on Friday so I was the happiest and most relaxed person in the world! I pretty much got in from uni and napped then watched Star Wars in preparation for Saturday. 
06/365 Saturday was spent baking some Star Wars cupcakes ready for our trip to the Star Wars themed night ready for May 4th, Becca got absolutely mortal and it made my life! I couldn't pick just one photo so I went with two obvs haha.
07/365 I woke up feeling fresh some how on Sunday and headed home for a few days to see the fam.
What have you done this week? 

K. x
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