Monday, 19 May 2014

365, 15-21

This past week has been so busy, I've had two trips to Newcastle for Blogging events! (More to come on those this week!) A trip to the pub, many hours of revision and spent so much time with my Gran and Granda it's been so full up! I even went a Burlesque dance class on Wednesday! I'm a busy bee. 
15. Of course no trip home would be complete without a trip to the pub with my favourite boys would it? I spent the day revising then headed off to meet Michael and Shaun then it was off to the pub for a few, these guys are the best we always end up in the pizza shop afterwards too, they do nothing for waistline but I love 'em haha. 
 16. Tuesday brought with it the Paul Mitchell Salon event, I was so excited about this, I got my hair done, look how pretty it looks!
17. I spend a lot of my time when I'm at home at my grans, this is some of her cactus' she has on the bathroom windowsill. I also ended up going to a burlesque dance class on Wednesday night, this was hilarious! I was doing slut drops, sexy squats and learning to be sassy at the same time, I swear if you need something fun find a burlesque dance class!
 18. I am so in love with Durham at the moment, I love how it looks when you're on the train or waiting to get picked up at the station.
 19. Friday was so warm and bright I decided to wear something other than black and get my legs out, I then found out I was helping my gran do her shopping and immediately regretted the outfit choice whilst wandering around Asda but nevermind.
 20. I love that although my gran has a yard it's still filled with so many bright flowers, I love sitting out there when it's sunny. She has so many bright plants it's so pretty.
21. My Sunday was spent revising and watching movies since if I listen to music whilst I revise I spend half of it singing around my room instead.. I can't wait for the next two weeks to be over so I can relax. 

What have you been up to this week?
K. x
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