Saturday, 17 May 2014

365 days, 8-14

So I was supposed to post this on Monday or Tuesday but life got in the way as always, so I'm a little late in posting this. The past week has been hella busy so bad I haven't even had time to read blog posts until last night! I've been at home all week but I've been spending so much time with my grandparents at their house and they have no wifi and get barely any 3G so I haven't been able to get online till late and by then I didn't have the energy! Plus I had two blogging events this week! I can't wait to tell you all about them! Anyway I'll get on with my 365 photos, I think I'm doing well remembering to take photos!
 08. Gran Dot always makes the best toast, her toast is just better than any other toast ever. Her eggs are always the softest runniest of yolk type eggs too. Breakfast at her house is my favourite thing ever.
09. I returned back to Middlesbrough and caught up with Abbey and Becca over Strawberry Daiquiris shitty tv and did some blog reading at the same time! I can multitask! 
 10. I'm loving smoothies more than anything in life at the minute, this is just a mix of everything, apparently adding pineapple to your breakfast smoothie reduces bloating throughout the day!
 11. In Middlesbrough Thursday nights only mean one thing.. Creeps! So to prepare ourselves Becca and me had a Southfield before hand, look at that it also included Sausages and beans! Who doesn't love an all day breakfast to line your stomach for the strongest vodka ever?
 12. Technically this is cheating as it's from Thursday night but it was taken Friday morning so... I love this outfit I have a post coming soon on it ;) But I stumbled in from Creeps fairly early and even remembered to take my lipstick off so Friday morning was a success!
 13. As it was Abbeys birthday on Friday I baked her a cake 'cause we were meant to be going out Saturday night, so I made her a Captain America cake! I'm pretty proud of it considering I decorated it first thing on a morning with about 5 hours sleep!
14. I was so upset and fed up I ended up going home on Saturday meaning I got to spend Sunday with the fluffiest cat ever, my little baby Oli! 

It was an odd week, I spent most of it upset but hey ho I got to come home and see me cat. 
What have you been up to?

K. x
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  1. The frozen cocktails are so yummy! The Captain America cake is epic! x

  2. You and your cat pictures make my life, you're both so cute!

    Danniella x