Sunday, 18 May 2014

A-Z of Me! D....

D is for (Gran) Dot (& Granda Ronnie)

So I'm finally going to finish the A-Z of me, I think the last one I posted was about cake it was about this time last year I believe! Oops! I guess I'm cheating a little with this one but what do I like that begins with D? I like Disaronno, Download Festival, Dudes (because men/guys doesn't start with D) and probably much more but they don't define who I am as a person, well Download Festival might but I decided to dedicate the letter F to festivals as I love them all. Anyway D stands for Gran Dot and Granda Ronnie (Dorothy & Ronald if it's a Sunday though haha) I couldn't just mention my Gran though so I thought I'd include Granda too, because they come as a pair I never want to think of them as one without the other, I keep telling them that when they die they have to go together because I don't want to see/imagine one without the other because well I just think it's awful to do so. 
It took me forever to find a photo of me and my granda, you see he's always the man behind the camera never in front of it. Honestly, at my 16th birthday party everyone thought I'd hired a photographer, nope it was just Granda Ronnie with his camera. Thanks to him I have so many photos of myself, my friends and my family when he takes random ones whilst you're eating dinner or reading a book you think WHY?! but when you find them again a few years later you're pleased he took them because it's a photo of your life isn't it and usually it describes me pretty well. I had to go back four years to find this one! This was at my uncles wedding, I look fairly ridiculous but I love the photo because we both look pretty dapper. Granda although he likes to socialise and tell you a million stories and once he starts talking doesn't stop for long doesn't come out with us much anymore so we haven't got many recent photos, he is getting old (80 next year!) to be fair and is unwell quite a bit so it's understandable but he never misses out on what happened because I take 1328392 photos to show him when we get back. 

As for Gran Dot I only had to go back to April this year as she turned 70 and we had a trip to a bowling alley and for food to celebrate! There are more photos with Gran than Granda but that's because he's always taking them! Haha. Just like Granda Ronnie she always has a million and one stories to tell, it's great when you go visit because she makes you cups of tea, feeds you plenty and always has some gossip about what's been going on in the area! 

I can honestly say I have these two to thank for so much, due to my parents divorcing when I was 3 my mam had to go back to work and do far too many hours a week so we got dropped off at Gran's on a morning before school and picked up there when she finished work. When we were little Gran worked till lunch time and we'd spend the morning with Granda and he'd take us for walks down the woods or to Durham for a trip around the Cathedral and a Pizza Hut for lunch, he'd always end up buying us something in Woolworths or Waterstones too. My favourite types of trips with him would be when we'd go somewhere to do with something we were learning about at school, like Roman exhibitions or Viking ones, those were the best. When he wasn't taking us places he'd go to Waterstones on release day of the new book I wanted and pick it up for me, he even got Jacqueline Wilson to sign a copy of a book for me! On days where Granda was busy we'd go to work with Gran, I loved this, she was a house keeper type thing for an old doctor and his wife, they were pretty much family. We learnt so much from these people they always went to cool places on holiday like Russia! They'd tell us interesting stories and let us play in their pretty amazing garden too, going to visit them with gran was always fun, I loved their house when they died it was awful because they had so many amazing things and such a beautiful house and now it's all gone. Gran would also take us on days out but these were usually accompanied by my mam, gran's always been the peacekeeper when it comes to shopping trips, which is great 'cause if not me and my sister would have probably murdered each other!
I have so much to thank these two for, they're just amazing, the amount of school projects and homework they've helped me with, the amount of books they've bought me. Encouraging me to read is one of the things I love them most for, my mam doesn't read but these two do and I blame them for my huge collection of books and the fact I spend more time with my head in a book than anything else! They've always encouraged everything we did, I know some grandparents that don't encourage their grandchildren but ours always have no matter what we we're pursuing, although if we weren't good at it they let us down gently. I could talk about how amazing they are all day but I'd probably end up boring you. Since moving away to Uni they've done so much for me, much more than what I expected, I love our little chats on the phone every other day, it's a habit I've gotten into, once I went to secondary school and college I'd ring my gran every day for a quick chat on my way home and it's a habit I just can't kick!

I have no idea what I'm going to do when their time comes, I'm hoping they'll both be around another 10-15 years so they can see me get married and have babies and all that rubbish but I know that's a long shot. I can still hope though right? I just don't know what I'll do without them, they always know the right things to do and say, they always tell me about the best places and show me amazing things. The kettles always ready and there are so many biscuits to be eaten too. Moving away has made me appreciate them more than ever, I really do love them and when I say goodbye to them at the bus stop and give them a kiss on the cheek and some kids give me a weird look I'm not embarrassed because I love them and I know they're getting old I should tell them and show them as much as possible I believe.
Anyway I'm going to end this post before I get emotional haha. So Gran and Granda if you even get to read this you can see how much I do appreciate you and love you guys to bits. Although you probably know it already. 

Have you done the A-Z of me challenge? 

K. x
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  1. Awwww you're so so cute! I have lost all my grandparents :(

    Danniella x

  2. Aw, this is is lovely! I really miss my nana since I moved away *sob* x

  3. Awwwwwww this is so lovely! So many of us are guilty of taking our grandparents for granted (me included!) so it's lovely you're so close to yours. I only have one Nan left now, she's 90 and I only get to see her when I go home to Norfolk which doesn't happen nearly enough, her face lights up when I see her though which is so lovely!