Friday, 23 May 2014

Bake Your Own Sex God* Captain America Cookies!

So back in March Niion kindly send me this bake your own Sex God, just what I need! I need a man who can't piss me off and dresses the way I like, I can now do this by baking my own! And if he does annoy me I can bite his head clean off and try another!I hadn't a chance to try it until the other week when me and Becca made some Captain America shortbread cookies for Abbey's birthday. First of all the cutter was sent out so quickly so go Niion for great postage! 
Excuse the appalling Captain America face, I'm just not good at proper decorating, but I think I did a good job of him. So to start with I'd wish I'd tried to cookie recipe on the back of the packet as I had a little difficulty with this cutter using it on shortbread. The cutter itself is fairly thin plastic, I was quite worried it would snap, it didn't though which is a massive plus because I'm sure my mam would appreciate a few hunky men baked for her! The cutter itself was quite difficult to use, the dough kept breaking off when I'd lift it out, but once I got the hang of it and sticking legs back on I was left with a hunky shape which didn't warp when baked! Yey! We also made some Shortbread circles and decorated them like his shield.

I'm unsure if it was the dough I used or if it was the cutter that made it difficult to cut the shape out, I'm going to give it another go after exams and I'll update this post! I can't find The Sex God online but you can go ahead and bake yourself a hunky boyfriend  if you'd like. Then if you don't like him you can just start again straight away no fuss!

What have you been baking recently?
K. x
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  1. HAHA! That is awesome! And you turned him into Captain America which is even better. It looks like so much fun x

  2. Oh wow Captain America looks fab! x