Friday, 9 May 2014

Fashion Inspiration Friday #2 ... Twin Peaks

First of all if you haven't watched Twin Peaks please get that sorted out! For those of you who aren't familiar with it (which I've found is almost everyone I know unless they're the same age as my parents or live on tumblr!) Twin Peaks is a show from the 90s set in the town of Twin Peaks where the FBI are investigating the death of a girl called Laura Palmer but it's not as simple as an episode of CSI there's so many twists and turns, double lives, so much surrealism too, it's really not simple to explain. Seriously mam tried to explain it to me for years and when I finally gave in a couple of years back I've never looked back, it's so weird and amazing and it has you hooked straight away with quirky characters and weird happenings, but really what more do you expect from David Lynch?
Anyway the show also has some amazing leading ladies with amazing fashion, since re-watching the series the past few weeks I've been wanting to coat myself in plaid and jumpers and get me some super cute brogues. It's just such a classic look.

I love all these items in the wishlist, I'm dying for some new shoes, I'm in love with those Red Topshop ones! I honestly feel as this set just says Twin Peaks all the plaid, cute socks and those brogues. I choose to add the dress in because it reminded me of the floor in the Black Lodge not an outfit from the show haha. I could see Audrey or Donna in any of the outfits, the underwear set is perfect for a night in One Eyed Jacks and that long black coat just says Josie Packard to me. (I'm probably speaking in a foreign language to anyone who hasn't seen Twin Peaks haha. 
Unlike my last set like this, I have no idea what to say, aside from I wish I was a part of Twin Peaks because the fashion is just amazing, I wish I could get away with plaid skirts, brogues and jumpers but sadly I just don't suit it, I'll forever dream of it though.
Seriously though watch Twin Peaks it's amazing GO NOW! GO WATCH!
Are you a fan of Twin Peaks?

K. x
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  1. That Modcloth dress is so amazing, which they had a UK based store!

    1. It breaks my heart that it's so expensive and then you've got to pay customs too </3