Saturday, 3 May 2014

NE Bloggers, #EatSleepBlogRepeat Event!

Last Saturday I headed off to Newcastle with Abbey to attend the #EatSleepBlogRepeat Event at Music Slash Art, (watch out cause the site plays some hella loud music and I just shit myself when it came on oops ha.) now I've never been to MSA so I was fairly excited to attend and had no idea what to expect. The event was hosted by Paul of Taste Of The North who was a lovely host I may add. We got treat to several glasses of champagne and some amazing cheese cake! 
We met Chloe beforehand as non of us knew where we were going so we decided to find it together haha. We were the first to arrive as always! I'm always early to events haha, soon after Amy arrived, I was so happy to see her! I haven't seen Amy since a blogging event last summer so it was just lovely to have a catch up! Each table had a little cup of popcorn on it, I was the idiot who decided to try it first as always! So I put this popcorn in my mouth and think oh it's not too bad a little chocolatey and then bam there's an after taste of chili! My mouth nearly died I swear! Never again haha. We all had a lovely chat and I got to meet the lovely Steph too, we talked about anything and everything. Us North East Bloggers can talk about anything, particularly food and disney! Oh and the occasional sexual topic haha, typical really. Once the event was over I had to find The Brownie Bar after reading Chloe's post about it and talking about it I knew I had to try them for myself. I opted for a Vanilla and White Chocolate Blondie and it was just unreal I can't wait for my next trip to Newcastle!
It was such a lovely day, I had a great time and can't wait for the next blogging event I go to! Oh also (shameless plug) myself and Danni are hosting a blogging event for North East Bloggers on the 1st of June in Middlesbrough, if you're interested drop me a tweet! :) Haha. Back the post though, thank you Paul for a great day and it was so lovely to see everyone who was there! 

Have you been to any blog events recently? Or are you attending one soon?
K. x
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  1. My arm is on two of these photos ... in the first I'm holding my glass and in the second I'm sat by an empty glass ... says it all really!


    1. Haha, go your arm! You did get through many glasses mind! Haha x