Thursday, 1 May 2014

Oh hey May!

Oh how I hate May! It always takes so long to get through, it's always filled with stress and it feels as if I just spend the majority of it praying for June to get here! It's not all bad in may though, I guess, for me it's always filled with anticipation because I know summer is just around the corner and all I need to do is get through this month of exams and I'm a free woman until October! May does bring with it sunshine usually although today is particularly miserable and wet but you know that will hopefully change! I think May's just so un fun because of the exams that come with it and the fact I know that just around the corner is June, where summer starts and I love summer, also June is Download Festival so it's a bit like hurry up May lets get you over haha.

But what does May actually mean for me?
  • One university assignment is due in meaning all I have to do after tomorrow is revise for my exams! 
  • May 4th you know Star Wars day! For this we're off out with the lads and I can't freakin' wait! I'm so excited for it!
  • Newcastle Fashion Week Events!
  • University exams of course because you know you have to do exams sadly. 
  • Final Fling which is Teesside Unis end of year party and we won 50K from MTV so it's going to be unreal. 
  • The end of term which means second year is over which is terrifying since this means I'm now in my final year and fuck me that is scary shit. 
So May is a fairly dull month, filled with exams, I probably won't get to attend any fashion week events either as I'm so freakin' poor its unreal! Plus I should be revising instead to be fair haha.

What are you looking forward to this month? 
K. x
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    You are welcome!

    You sound like you're going to be one busy girl! x

    1. I need to watch this episode! I missed it the other day! May is going to be fairly busy, no where near as busy as March though. x

  2. Excuse me, you've forgotten one major event; the celebration of my birth!

    1. Soz mate its going to be like the highlight of my month/life