Wednesday, 21 May 2014

The Wanderlust Tag..

For as long as I can remember I've wanted to travel, I don't want to visit Australia though or go to places with giant spiders because I just couldn't deal with that kinda thing! Instead I want to visit places like Russia, Maine, Egypt, Italy, Iceland. I used to love visiting these friends my gran had as they'd been everywhere, they had so many books on Russia and so many items from around the world I was always in awe of. I used to sit and listen to their stories all the time, I wish I could remember half of them but my gran does so it's alright. As soon as I saw this tag I knew I wanted to do it, its made me want to go on holiday so bad, someone take me away?
  1. Your most treasured passport stamps?
    Sadly I have no stamps in my passport, I've only used it once since I got it and that was March last year and they didn't stamp it in Switzerland I think you have to ask now. 
  2. Can you recite your passport # from memory if asked?
    Hahaha no! I've only ever looked at it when I've needed it for jobs! Haha.
  3. Preferred method of travel; planes, trains or automobiles? 
    I'm not too bothered by travel methods. I get a little nervous flying but once I'm in the air I'm not too bad but still I get rather jittery with them especially since we had a lecture on air accidents haha. Trains are great though I love me a good train journey, I love having to change stations and having an hour or so to explore around the station. Car travel is my favourite though, you can just stop by the side of the road to see something amazing if you want to, you can stop wherever and whenever you want and I love that. I love being a car passenger and staring at the houses or sights passing by it's one of my favourite things in life. 
  4. Top 3 travel items?
    I've got to have my camera, a notepad/diary to write everything in, my kindle, I can't travel anywhere without having a good book to read along the way.
  5. Hostel or Hotel?I'm not too fussed about where I'd stay, if it was just a few nights away I'd happily stay in a Hostel but if  was somewhere for longer than a couple of days I'd rather stay in a fairly nice hotel.
  6. Are you a repeat visitor or do you explore new places?
    I'd say I'm both, I'd love to explore everywhere but if it's somewhere special I'd go back several times because if it's beautiful I want to see it more than once. 
  7. Do you read up on your destination (culture, history, safety) or do you wing it?
    I'm one of those awful people who read anything and everything on where they're about to go! I write lists of places I want to visit, places I want to eat, things to see and such. I'm so organised about it, I usually leave a day where I can wing it though just so I don't seem to prepared for a trip. 
  8. Favourite travel website?
    I don't really know, I just always look about I do enjoy comparison sites since you get the best deals but Trip Advisor is my favourite the reviews have helped me make a million and one decisions. 
  9. Where would you recommend a friend to visit? Name a city & Why.
    Oh this is kinda hard, I'm going to go with a town actually I'd say Mallaig in Scotland it's just so beautiful, it's beaches and mountains and the water is so clear and blue with sand so white it's like being abroad it's just so beautiful and peaceful. I went for a few days and came back so relaxed I'd love to go back again. You can read about my trip here .
  10. You're leaving tomorrow, money is no option, where are you going?
    I'm going on a trip all over! I'm heading straight to Europe where I'll do a trip all round visiting pretty much everywhere followed by a trip to Russia because I'm dying to go there followed by a trip over to the US ending it with a road trip around America ending in Canada and then flying home. It is a money is object trip you know I can go everywhere I want! Haha. 
Do you want to go travelling? If you've done this tag please leave me a link so I can read it!
K. x
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  1. Love this tag! Gonna steal it! :) Good answers! X

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  3. This is a good tag! Enjoyed your answers. I'm going to do it for tomorrow's post.