Saturday, 3 May 2014

You know I only wanted fun, then you got me all fucked up on love.. // OOTD

First of all sorry if the title offends you but the songs pretty amaze so forgive me yeah?
Oh my god! Is this ANOTHER outfit post?! ANOTHER one! This is becoming a regular thing, go me! This is probably the most laid back one I'll ever do, it's so casual and I'm not even taking myself seriously in half of these but I kinda like them so I thought I'd share them. I've been proper loving knee high socks recently, probably because they give you a bit more warmth when wearing shorts. Whoever invented hats is my best friend also, seriously mate you are the best, seriously they're the best when you can't be arsed to do your hair or if it looks a bit shitty. I've recently been trying to avoid using heat on my hair, resulting in it becoming pretty wavy and it just doesn't look good 90% of the time but I'm sure I'll learn to embrace it haha. I stopped wearing make up every day 4 years ago so I'm sure I can learn to love my natural hair like I did my natural face. It'll just take me a few weeks. So shall we have a look at me just being a dick yeah? Haha. Ps how big does my arse want to be? You can tell I've been doing those squats ;) hahahaha.
Whilst looking through these photos I've just realised my calendar is still on April, oops! Anyway I am such a goof on these photos but I think they show my personality pretty well, because in real life I'm pretty silly and don't take much seriously which probably isn't the best. Anyway shall I tell you about the outfit? Haha. I picked the shirt up when I saw Fall Out Boy back in March, its so comfortable I just want to chuck it on all the time! The shorts were bought for Download Festival last year and were a little tight but now they're a little lose! Go me! I'm slowly getting down to a size 8, even though my hips will never agree with it! Haha. I grabbed both the hat and socks in primark the other week as my Download essentials this year, I just love this outfit cause it's easy to wear and chuck on and it's so comfy!
Top - can be found on the Fall Out Boy site
Shorts - similar ones can be found at H&M
Socks - similar socks can be found at ASOS
Hat - similar one can be found at ASOS

The lyrics for the title come from Where Did The Party Go? of course it's by Fall Out Boy, I had to do a Fall Out Boy themed title due to the shirt, plus I went for my favourite song off Save Rock & Roll so it's win win yeah? 

What outfit have you been loving recently? What's you're favourite track from Save Rock & Roll?

K. x
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  1. In love with this outfit! Knee high socks are the bees knees.. (See what I did there?! :P)

    1. Thank you, it's so easy to chuck on haha, I love knee high socks haha, I see what you did there ;)

  2. You look amazing! :)