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10 Bands I'm Excited To See At Download Festival.

Download Festival is TOMORROW and I thought it was about time I share with you all who I'm super duper excited to see and who I want to see but will probably end up missing. This year the line up is no where near as solid as last year but then I'm bias as my babe Corey Taylor played two sets last year so nothing would top that really. But this year the Friday is filled with bands I loved when I was 16, Saturday is my 13 year old self is going to fangirl all over day and Sunday is my this band reminds me of my dad day along with a bit of 13 year old emo me. It was so hard to pick 10 bands that I'm particularly excited about because the line up is so incredible, I'm so excited about going on Wednesday that every time someone mentions it I want to jump up and down!
Anyway shall we see who I'm really excited about?

Linkin Park 
These guys remind me of being 14 so much and I don't really know what else to say about them to be honest! I mean who doesn't like Linkin Park? Nearly everyone I know likes them. I love that they collaborated with Jay-Z like that was pretty cool. I don't know I guess their music felt so relevant when I was 14 once I hit 16 I stopped listening to them as much and just did so for nostalgic reasons you know like you do? After seeing them be announced for Download and the fact they're playing Hybrid Theory in full made me love them all over again. Have Forgotten from Hybrid Theory, it was hard to pick a track but this one has been in my head for a few days.

Avenged Sevenfold
I love Avenged Sevenfold, I've already seen them live back in 2010 and was slightly disappointed but to be fair they were following Stone Sour (you all know how much I love Corey) and were most likely still mourning the death of the Rev. I remember loving these guys when I was about 14/15 and my boyfriend and the time and his friend at the time used to have this little dance type thing to Almost Easy and to this day I still think of them when I hear it. Avenged are one of those bands that I love but I always feel unsure about their new albums when they come out but I always end up loving them. I'm so excited to see what they do with such a big stage at Download as well. I've decided to share my favourite song with you which is Second Heartbeat from Waking The Fallen.

Bury Tomorrow
I only discovered Bury Tomorrow last summer and I fell in love straight away, Daniel Winter-Bates is a beautiful man. I saw them at Leeds Festival and they were so good, I'm so excited to see them on main stage at Download this year. They really deserve it they've come so far in a year, with a new album just come out and two other solid albums they really are one of the best bands around at the moment. I've choose to share Knight Life from Union Of Crowns with you all, although my favourite song is You & I from Portraits but I can't find an official video so you can have this one so you can see Dan's beautiful face haha.

Bring Me The Horizon
No matter how many times I've seen Bring Me live I still get excited. I fell in love with these guys soon after Pray For Plagues came out and I haven't looked back although I really wish they'd do heavy stuff again but I still love Sempiternal. I'm hoping that since it's Download they'll play some old stuff, I haven't heard any Pray for Plagues live since like 2009! I don't really know what to say about Bring Me apart from the fact I'm a complete Oli Sykes fan girl and I really like the lyrics. This Sadness Will Never End has been my favourite song by them since I first heard it, I love the lyrics and everything about it check it!

Rob Zombie
I will forever  be ashamed of the way I found Rob Zombie but I will forever love him. I love that his music has a horror element to it, I love the fact he has such a creepy voice. I've seen him twice before and I'm so excited to see what he does on a stage the size of the one at Download! I've seen him at the o2 Academy and the MEN arena so this stage is going to be huge compared with those. Rob Zombie just always puts me in a good mood, I could dance around my room to his music all day. It's just so catchy. I've shared with you Dragula which is from Hellbilly Deluxe, it's such a good album and song, it's not my favourite but it was so hard to pick plus Pussy Liquor doesn't have an official video I don't think.

Fall Out Boy
These were my babies during the Emo days, I loved them but I hated them. I wanted to listen to heavy music constantly or something not so upbeat but Fall Out Boy were always there and I hate them for being so god damn catchy! I really do. I love to hate them, I hate how they make an album and I hate it but once I've listened to it a few times I completely love it. I do hate that they don't produce stuff like Take This To Your Grave or From Under The Cork Tree anymore but they are still catchy as fuck. I hated Save Rock n Roll when I first heard it and it took a good few months to grow on me and I've learnt to love it. Actually it's got some of the catchiest tunes ever on it. My heart will forever belong to early FOB but I just can't stop loving them. I decided to share my current favourite track from them, which is Miss Missing You from Save Rock n Roll, it's so catchy and I love the lyrics the song is so cute. My all time favourite though? Nobody Puts Baby In The Corner.

Aaah, Aerosmith is one of those bands you're just brought up to listen to aren't they? A bit like Maiden, Guns n Roses, Sabbath, Motley Crue, you know the classic rock bands. I mean who doesn't like Aerosmith? I'm not like a mega fan but I do like them and I owe that to my dad, he gave me a vest a few years ago from when he saw them in 1997/98 I can't remember which I do know it was the Nine Lives tour though and I'm definitely digging that out for this weekend if I can find it! I guess Aerosmith just make you smile and have so many songs that even if you're not a mega fan you know enough to not look like a complete dick haha. I think one of my favourites by them is Dude Looks Like A Lady purely because it's supposedly written about Vince Neil from Motley Crue. I've shared Cryin' from Get A Grip with you though because it is my favourite song to emotional/dramatically sing to. Also Alicia Silverstone is in the video and she's a mega babe can I have her hair?!

Black Label Society
Black Label Society are so freakin' Catchy! I mean everyone know's who Zakk Wylde is, his voice is amazing. He's got such an amazing voice. There really isn't much I can say about Black Label Society apart from the fact I am super excited to see them this weekend. I'm leaving you with Counterfeit God which is definitely my favourite song by them.

Steel Panther
If there was ever a band you don't want to listen to in front of your mam it's definitely Steel Panther, I really do not think mine appreciated me blasting Glory Hole this morning oh well. Steel Panther are absolutely brilliant, the lyrics are hilarious and I sometimes really feel like I shouldn't like them because you know they have songs called 'That's what girls are for' 'It won't suck itself' and 'Eatin' ain't cheatin'' I know a lot of girls who don't like them because of their lyrics but I personally find them hilarious. I absolutely love the show they put on in Lincoln back in March so I'm pretty excited to see them on Sunday. Seriously give them a listen they will brighten your day.  I'm sharing with you Community Property from Feel The Steel which is my personal favourite, I absolutely love the lyrics.

Killswitch Engage
I've been listening to Killswitch for so many years yet I can never remember any of their songs how weird is that?! They are really good gym music though. Just like Black Label Society I really don't know what to say about them, I just can't wait to see them haha. I've shared My Curse from As Daylight Dies it was the first track I ever remember hearing by Killswitch. I hope you enjoy it.

Of course I'm excited about loads of other bands too but I'm currently unsure if I'll get to see some of them and some of them I'll definitely see but I'm not as excited about such as; LetLive, The Offspring, Thy Art Is Murder, The Pretty Reckless, Skindred, The Used, Trivium, Seether, Buckcherry and Bowling For Soup. I'm super excited for this weekend, I'm literally bouncing about with my playlist on full blast, of course it's not just about the music I'm super excited to catch up with Lewis and Brandon and spend an entire 6 days with my best friends. I'm also excited to see my dad on Saturday, it seems as we've gotten older the old time we get to see bands together is at Festivals, last year he came down to Download for the Sunday this year it's the Saturday he's bringing Eleanor again too. I don't think either of them are prepared to see me fan girl as much as I'm going to I don't think Jamie are Josh are quite prepared either to be fair. I think there's only Sam and Lewis who have seen me major fan girl well aside from my dad but he hasn't seen it since I was 16 and on stage with William Control.
Anyway I'm super excited and I really can't wait to share all my photos with you when I get back!

How are you spending your weekend? Are you going to any festivals this summer?

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