Tuesday, 3 June 2014

365, 22-35

So I've been so busy the past two weeks I kinda neglected the blog and just wrote a load of filler type posts so no one missed me too much whilst I was away. Because of this neglect I have many posts to finish writing and to share with you! I have so much to write about too but I need to get it all done by Tuesday because next Wednesday is Download so I'll be away for a few days again! Haha. So with missing a few weeks of regular blogging I missed out on updating you all on my 365 photos, I'm shocked at how well I'm doing at remembering to take at least one photo a day and the fact I'm remembering to share them too! So what have the last two weeks been like for me? 
22. Due to the sun being so bright and hot we brough our revision outside and decided to have a BBQ at the same time for a break, it was just so nice.
23. Immunology exams call for Nachos being delivered because you know being stress means you can't be bothered to cook!
24. With the immunology exam over Abbey and I headed to the southfield for cocktails and then ended up spending the rest of the day sunbathing outside the mima.
25. Thursday brought with it the French Connection Can't Help My Selfie event and a lovely lunch with Abbey and Beca , Beca has the most exciting news coming up and I just can't wait for her to share it with everyone too! It was really nice to have a relaxing day and to catch up with Beca since we hadn't seen each other in months!
26. Friday called for a trip to see my gran and granda as I'd popped home for a job interview. So gran made my favourite Shepards Pie oh it was just perfect!
27.  Tesco have the cutest socks ever. THEY HAVE EARS WHAT MORE DO YOU NEED?!
28.  So Sunday day was dull so this is from the early hours of Sunday morning, I re-arranged my room and the Oli kept jumping on the book shelf. 
 29. I absolutely love Smoothies and Cornflakes for breakfast, although I did coat my cornflakes in sugar, blame the fact I'd gone to the gym on an empty stomach meaning I was dying.
 30. Tuesday my Cath Kidston wellies arrived ready for Download! I also spent the entire day revising which majorly sucks.
 31. Wednesday brought with it the final day of revision meaning we were all ready to commit which called for a few bottles of cider whilst revising always the way forward before an exam right?
 32.  Once our exam was over we headed straight to the SU for a quick one before Meg went to work and this is where my week got exciting. Me and Abbey heading home to dye her hair and wax my legs before heading back to the SU for drinks with Meg, Becca and Michael before going back home to have even more drinks to celebrate.
 33. Friday was Final Fling which meant we were up at 10 and drinking by 11. I somehow managed to survive the whole day without throwing up but I'll share more about Final Fling later.
 34.  Saturday I woke up still drunk, by 1pm I was no longer fresh hated my life had half my room packed up and was crying over the fact I had no food to eat. But my mam came to the rescue and bought me a dominos which was amazing I ate all of it no shame.
35. Sunday was the North East Tea Party Blogger Event hosted by myself and Danni, I got to take my super pretty dress out for a spin as it was so warm. I'll share more on the event later in the week also. 

It's so nice to have an hour to sit down and sort my blog posts out without feeling guilty although right now I should be at my grans as I told her at be down for 12 oops. Anyway keep your eyes peeled because I have so much to share with you, many outfits, a room tour, the north east tea party, recipes and all about my second year and final fling!

How have you been spending your time recently? 

K. x
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  1. Your eyes are so pretty. I hope you have an ace time at Download when you go, sooooo jealous x