Wednesday, 11 June 2014

365, 36-42

This past week has been so laid back, I've spent so much time sleeping, I've also gone and got myself a Netflix account so I have barely been seen, I did start off watching buffy for an entire day but I do that a lot so I decided to find something new and decided to give Gossip Girl a chance after judging people for years who watched it and you know what I fuckin' love it! I can't stop watching it! I'm actually obsessed. What has my life become? Haha, it's definitely what I need to wind down from uni. 
 36. Tesco have the best socks, I mean look at these guys they have ears!
37. Nextflix has taken over my life, don't send help I'll be ok once I finish every series of Gossip Girl and Buffy. 
 38. I got the most adorable candle holder in B&M Bargains how cute is this? It's definitely become my favourite little corner of my bedroom.
 39. My Drop Dead x Itchy & Scratchy Show Collection bag finally arrived! I'm absolutely in love with the collection, keep your eyes peeled for a post all about it!
 40. Friday I headed out for a shopping trip with my mam and since it was a nice day I decided to dress like a country girl, I do have an outfit post coming soon as I just love this outfit!
 41. Sam came to stay on Saturday as we were heading to Shaun's 21st party. We donned our brightest clothes before we headed out. I love sleepovers with Sam, I manage to bring her bitchy side out and I love it!
42. Sunday we had the most horrible thunder storm and poor Oli was out for it I couldn't find her and she finally came home dripping wet at 10pm. I wrapped her up and dried her off and she laid like a baby for well over an hour in my arms the little cutie.

So as you can tell last week wasn't that interesting this week however I am at Download Festival, as you read this I should be at Donnington Park with my tent up having a few cans of cider! So next weeks 365 is going to be super exciting!

How have you spent the last week? 

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  1. I'm a total Netflix kid too! Obsessed with Orange Is The New Black atm :) Enjoy Download! Bet Aerosmith are awesome xx