Sunday, 29 June 2014

Afternoon Tea At Cafe 21 Fenwicks Newcastle

Last week when I visited Newcastle with Beca we headed for a lovely Afternoon Tea at Fenwicks Cafe 21. Now I was super excited about this, since I'm a super fussy eater I'm really not a fan of sandwiches which might sound odd but I honestly can only eat warm ones, I don't really like cold bread, it's weird. Anyway judge me all you like Fenwicks do a Confectioners Tea which is perfect for me! Two scones and Two cakes with a pot of tea of course. Beca went for the normal afternoon tea and she assures me her sandwiches were yummy haha. I also ordered a bread basket because I was super hungry and well I needed to have something somewhat savoury!
Cafe 21 is located on the 1st Floor of Fenwicks in Newcastle, its tucked towards the back and lucky for you, you can walk past the mini MAC counter and all the beautiful handbags on the way in haha. When I first thought of checking out Fenwicks for tea I was expecting somewhat ridiculous prices for tea but I was pleasantly shocked when it was only £7.50 for Confectioners tea for 1 and £9.00 for Afternoon tea for 1! I'll let you take a look at our treats before I tell you what they tasted like.
First of all the bread, oh my gosh. I love speciality breads, your normal plain white or brown loaf is good enough for toast but it's nothing special. If you've got fruity bread or cheesey bread or french baguettes I'm a happy bunny. Oddly the week leading up to the tea I'd be craving a baguette just a baguette covered in butter and Fenwicks bread basket did not disappoint. There I had a lovely selection of breads, the baguette was perfect, just what I was craving, soft doughy middle and crunchy outside oh perfect. I kind of wish I'd ordered soup to go with it but I had cake to eat!
The tea oh gosh I love afternoon tea, Beca didn't fancy tea as it was a pretty warm day so I got the pot all to myself! She also isn't a fan of clotted cream! Like how can you not be a fan?! So as you can see I was a very happy bunny all the tea and cream to myself! The scones were amazing, crumbly but not too crumbly just perfect you must go try them! I was super excited about the cakes and forgot to ask what was on offer so I'm not entire sure what we got. We spent a while trying to decide what flavour the macaron was in the end we decided on pistachio, I'm still not 100% sure if I liked it or now haha. The Raspberries within it were fairly tart but nice and macaron shell itself was beautiful melt in your mouth macaron. But I wasn't a fan of the filling, if I'm honest I think it tasted a bit like grass or plant but that's just me, everyone else in there had eaten theres so maybe we're just fussy! The chocolate cake, oh my! It was so rich I struggled to finish the slice but I made it! It was so worth it, it was just beautiful. The service in Cafe 21 was great too, we were served pretty quickly and the staff made sure we were happy often popping by the check we were ok.

I'd definitely recommend a visit to Cafe 21 for afternoon tea, I can't wait to go back! Next time I'm asking about the cake selection though as I did spy people with mini cupcakes and such! Haha. 
Have you been for afternoon tea at Fenwicks Cafe 21? Do you have any Afternoon Tea recommendations?

K. x
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  1. All the lovely food is making me hungry! I have a real craving for scones now! My Nana is amazing at making them, I might have to send her an order haha! :D Those macaroons look delicious! I'm not a fan of pistachios so I don't think I'd like it but it looks appealing anyway hehe! :D

    1. Haha, I'm always craving afternoon tea food! So bad. I'll have to learn to make scones xx

  2. Ooooh, looks tasty and so reasonable too, I might have to check it out one afternoon for lunch... i'm sure i could find a willing partner in cake crime! x

    1. You've got to! It was such a lovely tea x

  3. This sounds lovely! :D Wish I had a scone right now :(