Friday, 27 June 2014

Baby, You Were My Picket Fence // OOTD

I'm so excited to share these photos with you, I've finally taken a step out of my comfort zone and got some outfit photos outside in a pretty public place! I'm so happy with them too, the lovely Beca took these for me and her amazing camera makes me look pretty good which is a major plus! The only downside is I'm all squinty due to the sun being so bright, but it did make the day super lovely so I can't complain haha. My favourite photos from the ones Beca took are the ones where I'm not even posing I'm just being me, I just look a lot less stiff. That is why these photos don't look too moody and modelly more like I'm just taking the mick out of myself haha. Also the wind was blowing my hair everywhere so I couldn't really try and go for a super serious shoot haha, it was really fun to have someone else take my photos though I definitely need to do it more often!
Since it was such a hot day I decided to wear one of my favourite white dresses from last summer because it's so airy and looks super pretty. I decided to subtly toughen it up with a pentagram necklace and my favourite ring of all time my 'eat a dick' ring haha. Anyway I'll let you just view the outfit now yeah?
Dress Primark
Shoes Boohoo
Bag Topshop
Watch Fossil 
Eat A Dick Ring Rock n Rose
Arrow Ring Urban Outfitters
Pentagram Necklace Empty Casket

The title of the post comes from my favourite song of the moment, I tired to think of title or a song that included the words white due to the dress but I just couldn't think. Then I was listening to Miss Missing You by Fall Out Boy and there's a line about picket fences and well picket fences are white so why not ey? If you haven't heard the song you really must listen to it, it's so perfect, it's such a good song it's like a love song and it's just so cute and I want someone to think of me as their picket fence. Cause in America thats what you dream about isn't it? The picket fence the perfect life and house so you'd be perfect to them, it's just so cute! Haha.

What do you think of little white dresses? Do you prefer fun outfit photos or serious ones?
K. x
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  1. I'm so proud of these photos, the ones of your giggling and unbelievably cute! :D xxx

    1. Oh stop it you! Haha. We need another outfit day! xxx

  2. hahaha, aww you're so cute! you can be my picket fence ;)

    Danniella x

    1. Aww haha, makin' me blush there! you cutie x

  3. I love that song sooo much right now! The dress is lovely too x

    1. It's such an amazing song right? Thank you x