Thursday, 19 June 2014

Download Festival 2014

Oh my gosh what a weekend Download 2014 was! For the past four years I've watched all my friends get excited about their summer holidays whilst I count down the days to festivals and I'd never have it any other way. Although there is talk of a potential holiday next year but we'd have to wait until we know who's headlining Download first. Last year at Download all we felt in the run up was worried since Sam was bringing her new boyfriend and his mate and we were like oh god what if they're complete knob heads and hate us, (we were of course wrong Josh is lovely to Sam, Jamie on the other hand is a bit of knob but he's decent haha.) This year it was more filled with excitement for seeing friends we hadn't seen all year, and for all the bands we were going to see along with so much excitement over the food stalls because you know who doesn't love food?
Wednesday morning came round pretty fast if you ask me, Lewis picked me up and off we headed for our McDonalds breakfast before collecting Sam and heading to Donnington. This year we made it early and had our tents up by 3 so we could crack on with the cans. Brandon arrived with his friends a few hours later and so begun the weekend. Thursday we woke to the hottest day ever, I'm not even kidding you should see my tan lines, I look ridiculous with no top on. We pretty much spent Thursday like dead sheep, it was far too hot to do anything although we did head out to do some shisha for a bit and watch The Simpsons movie in the village. To be fair though at camp we don't have to do much anyway, the guys are pretty hilarious and there was plenty of IT Crowd and Mighty Boosh quotes going around along with Jamie telling absolutely ridiculous stories.
Of course Thursday was just a filler day because the real excitement began Friday but I'll tell you about that in a bit. I'd also like to note that I didn't take any band photos apart from on the Sunday so thank you Jamie you get all the credit.
Taking selfies whilst I wait for Lewis to pick me up.

Black Label Society

L-R Sam, Josh, Lewis, Me, Jamie. 
Rob Zombie
Avenged Sevenfold
Friday was one of the best days for me over the course of the weekend. Its the day you can sleep in a little late for because no bands are on till about 12 and then it's shower day too so it's all good. Once headed to the arena we headed straight to mainstage there was no where else to go on Friday well aside from Second but seeing Offspring would have meant missing Avenged. We caught Skindred who were as good as always, followed by Black Label Society who weren't as amazing as I had hoped although they were good, we also caught Within Temptation, I've never really been a fan of these but I enjoyed them. Now for the best acts, Rob Zombie, now I wasn't as amazed with Rob at Download as I have been at previous shows but he was still really good and he played House Of 1000 Corpses which has been my favourite song of his for years, it's just so creepy and amazing and aaah I'm still so happy he played it! Avenged Sevenfold obviously stole the day though, they were so amazing, when I saw them in 2010 I wasn't that impressed I felt let down but last Friday they blew me away, the fact they played Second Heartbeat and A Little Piece Of Heaven made me super happy. The stage show was just amazing too, fire and giant skeletons on thrones just so good, if you get a chance to see them you have to go!
Bury Tomorrow
Me and my little sister Eleanor
Me & dad
Killswitch Engage
Bring Me The Horizon
Fall Out Boy
Linkin Park
Saturday was once again a strictly main stage day, we got there for Bury Tomorrow who are amazing, I'm dying to see them do a full show on their tour in October if anyone wants to go or will let me stay with them so I can go please let me know 'cause the nearest show to me is in Leeds! We met up with my dad also because he couldn't do a full weekend sadly, but it was nice to have a little catch up with him! While She Sleeps were fairly good too, I've only listened to a few tracks by them but I'm definitely listening to them more now, Bowling For Soup did a classic BFS during their set they pretty much took the piss and played barely any songs, although there was a giant sheep that they had a knight come on and stab to death. Killswitch Engage absolutely killed it, I've been listening to them since I was about 14 and I'm so happy I've finally seen them, they were so good. Bring Me The Horizon were amazing as always, this is like the 7th?8th? time I've seen them, I just wish they'd play some super old stuff because as good as Sempiternal is I prefer Suicide Season and Count Your Blessings. Now the day got super nostalgic, Fall Out Boy were due on and I was trying to keep my cool, I didn't want to hyperventilate and cry every where like the past two times I've seen them. Thankfully this time I kept my shit together and didn't cry in front of the men, I just fan girled a little. Seeing Fall Out Boy just makes me feel 14 again and it just makes me happy and I feel like I could watch them on stage all day and not get sick because they just make me feel so happy and I just want to see them again and it makes me sad that I probably won't for another few years. (totally just had a mini melt down over that haha.) Linkin Park of course headlined Saturday main stage and hearing Hybrid Theory in full was just unreal, it sounded like listening to it on record, I was blown away no kidding. I wasn't too impressed by the rest of the set but that's probably because they didn't play half my favourite songs haha.
I look like absolute shit here, far too much hair spray on and hat hair but oh my fucking god I met Dan from Bury Tomorrow! FANGIRLING EVERYWHERE. 
Me & Samantha.
Steel Panther
The Pretty Reckless

Sam, me & Lewis
The Men: Josh, Lewis & Jamie
The most adorable couple ever: Sam & Josh
Lewis & myself
Jamie & Me. 
Sunday we headed out to see Thy Art Is Murder and ended up getting to the tent just as they were finishing so we heard about 30 seconds which really sucks because I'd have liked to of seen them, we did catch Feed The Rhino though who were fairly decent. We did spot Dan from Bury Tomorrow though and I got a photo with him and I totally fangirled on the inside because I'm a huge fan of them and Dan is beautiful so yeah thanks for spotting him Jamie! We then hung about for a bit and watched some Demolition Download? It was a battle anyway and it was pretty cool, Sunday was mainly spent just wandering about because were really just waiting for the bigger acts. Steel Panther were hilarious, although the stage show was a little questionable but they did play some of my favourites such as 17 Girls In A Row and Community Property so I can't complain. Me and Sam then headed off to second stage so we could see The Pretty Reckless where we spent most of it asking why we weren't Taylor Momsen she is just perfect. It was now the part where you want to cry because you want to see both head liners but they clash so what do you do? Run to see Trivium and then head back just in time for Aerosmith! Trivium were good but I don't think you can appreciate them live from afar you need to be right in there, next tour I have to be there. Aerosmith though, they blew me away, everyone knows Aerosmith and I've been brought up listening to them and I just didn't expect them to put that good of a show on but Steven Tyler's voice is amazing! We had a nice little moment where the five of us put our arms around each other and sang I Don't Wanna Miss A Thing we were all fairly happy by this point most likely due to the fact we'd all been sipping whisky from a flask but you know.
Monday brought the end of the festival for another year and it's always a bittersweet feeling when you go home, you're happy for hot water and a nice warm bed but you're sad because you know Download is over you've got to say goodbye to your friends that you'll probably not see for another year.

Download Festival you were amazing as ever, I can't wait to come back next year. But until then I shall re-live the amazing moments in my head and I have to say there were a fair few amazing moments this year. 
K. x
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  1. OLIIIIII! So jealous that you have been near him haha! Wish I had the confidence to go to Dowmload, think I'm too old now :(

    Danniella x

    1. He's such a babe isn't he! I met him once he's so nice! Aww you're not too old! My dad still goes and he's 50! x

  2. Hi! I’ve nominated you for the Liebster award and can find it over at my blog

    Love Emma xx

    p.s I'm so so jealous you saw Oli! aha :) I wish i had gone to Download

    1. You'll have to come next time! and thank you! xx