Friday, 13 June 2014

Final Fling 2014

So two weeks ago on today was the official end of my Second Year at University, I've had a love hate relationship with second year (you can read all about it here.) Anyway I woke up bright and early ready for shots which we wasted no time doing followed by a spoons breakfast. I do love a good spoons. (Hipflask above from Urban Outfitters.) As soon as we finished breakfast we headed to Uni where we found Mitchell and it's all down hill or up hill depending on how you look at it from there.

As you can see there was so much alcohol drank and so little food consumed although Abbey bought me a sausage at 3am because she's a babe like that. We didn't make it till 4am but I didn't think we would we had in all fairness been drinking since 10am. I've just realised most people won't even know what Final Fling is! Well Teesside University throw a massive party at the end of year every year called Final Fling there's music, cheap drinks and food, fairground rides and much more. It's the best way to end the year and it's definitely worth buying a ticket for. This year we managed to win 50k from MTV which meant we got a bigger party so along came acts such as DJ Fresh but this wasn't that interesting to me I was more bothered about the 70s room where me and Abbey spent half the night! We even did Oops Up Side Your Head! It was like being back at a school disco!

I had such a good day and got to spend it with most of the people who have made my second year, it was such a long day but it was filled with laughs and drama which is nothing new for Teesside really. I even got chucked in a flower bed which was just lovely haha. I'm just super sad that next year is my Final Final Fling, that makes me super sad because it means university is over and I have to grow up. 

Did you do anything special to mark the end of the academic year? 
K. x
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