Wednesday, 4 June 2014

Love would be something that I just know.. // OOTD

Today I'm sharing a fairly cute and girly outfit with you! My last few have been pretty dark and consisted of me wearing black which lets face it isn't that much of a shock is it? This outfit is just perfect to chuck on when it warm and I want to wear a dress but I just can't be arsed to make effort haha. It will also be my last outfit post that features my bedroom at Uni as I've now moved back home for the summer. I'm rather going to miss my bedroom in Middlesbrough. I wish I'd done a room tour, I do have some photos of the room details but I'm not sure if I'll share them yet.
Look at that super innocent face I'm pulling whilst showing my ring off hahah. I love this dress, it's just perfect so comfy and lightweight I love it. It was the best steal ever in the River Island summer sale last year too, I nabbed it for just a tenner I was chuffed. I actually have no idea what to say about this outfit apart from that I love it because it's so pretty and comfy. I do love the Topshop satchel too but I can only just fit my purse and keys in it, so it's not the most practical of bags.
I love White dresses for the summer, I'm almost always in Black in the winter so White is a lovely change. I'm really going to try to introduce more colour into my wardrobe and try to wear much less Black as we're getting into the summer but we'll see how long this lasts haha. 

Dress River Island last summer
Cardigan Tesco last summer
Shoes Boohoo
Bag Topshop
Ring Rock N Rose

Title from my favourite Jimmy Eat World song Always Be, it's just such a beautiful song definitely their best forget what people say about The Middle, Always be is where it's at. 

What have you been wearing recently? 


  1. I happen to know that this weekend you weren't wearing black! In fact you were wearing a really pretty pink dress :p

    I love this, you look so cute! I especially love the shoes! I want them!!


  2. You look lovely :)

  3. Aww you cutie! <3

    Danniella x

  4. hey gurl, heeeeey. you're so damn cute. stop it.