Thursday, 12 June 2014

My Festival Essentials.

I'd like to think that since I've been to 6 festivals that I know what to take with me, although last year I forgot to take an actual jacket to Download with me because my dad always has one! Oops. I thought I'd share with you my essentials for this years Download Festival. Of course I've packed so much more than this, I don't know how you see those people who only take one top, one pair of shorts and several pairs of socks and underwear. No please take more clothes you don't want to spend an entire weekend in soaking wet or muddy clothes do you? 

Food & Drink:
 First of all you need some alcohol unless you're t-total then I completely understand haha, I usually take whisky in cans but this year I'm not feeling hardcore and have developed an unreal love for Koppaberg. Biscuits! You need to have biscuits to eat on a morning with your coffee. Long life milk is a life saver for those morning coffees too, you don't need a cooler for it or anything! Sweets are great to chuck in your bag for when you just need something sweet or to ward off any hunger pangs for a short while so you don't miss your favourite band. Hipflasks for smuggling that alcohol although that is naughty, you should not be doing that! Finally this year I'm trying out the new Robinsons squash'd cause it's so much easier than carrying loads of juice!
Health & Beauty:
 If you don't take dry shampoo to a festival what is wrong with you? It's a must just like hairspray you still want to look some what attractive don't you? Wet wipes are a saviour for when you can't shower, as are Lush's toothy tabs, these are an amazing alternative to toothpaste if you don't have room to carry a tube. Plasters and painkillers are an essential no one wants pain at a festival! The same goes for antibacterial hand wash, you want clean hands don't you? Do you know how many people forget sunscreen as an essential? A LOT! Which I find quite shocking because you don't really want a sunburn do you? Finally mini deodorants are a life saver to chuck in your bag and you need concealer and eye makeup so you can look so much more awake than you are.
 Wellies and rain coats in case it chucks down all weekend, I stayed dry due to my plastic mac from Topshop last year, although everyone did laugh at me and said I looked like a giant condom.. My wellies are Cath Kidston from ASOS also so far they feel comfy but who knows how I'll feel after 6 days of wearing them! Take a hat because you get pretty cold on a night when you're stood outside. Plenty pairs of sunglasses you know how easily they break or are lost don't rely on one pair. Finally take a bikini and flipflops to shower in, last year me and Sam got the shock of our lives when we found out that Download had communal showering so a bikini is a must flipflops too you don't want grassy feet.
Tissues, you don't want to be caught without toilet roll or accidentally spill something either and have nothing to mop it up with! A torch so you can find the way back to your tent in the dark, a lighter so you can light your BBQs or little stoves. A car charger for obvious reasons and spare batteries because you do not want your camera to die on you whilst you video your favourite band. Finally a pack of cards for those first two days where you're just lounging around the camp it makes life much more interesting. 

I hope this has been a helpful little guide to essentials, I know its not the best list of essentials but trust me you need these things! I also think this may be my most informative post ever! Haha. You can tell I'm super excited for Download that all I want to do is talk about festivals! Haha
What are your festival essentials? 

K. x
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