Wednesday, 25 June 2014

Oh I Need A Job Wishlist.

It seems that whenever I don't have any money there are a million and one items of clothing I need/want in my life yet when I've got cash spare I can't find anything WHY?! Recently I've been in love with ripped jeans and pretty dresses, I'm also dying for floppy felt hat! I just need a new wardrobe ok? I actually sorted my clothes out the other day and I really shouldn't need anymore clothes but just look at the items in this wishlist they're perfect!
the reason i need a job

Ripped knees in jeans are the best, the Cheap Monday ones I've featured are just perfect, I may be in love with them but for £55 it'll be a while before I get some, I'll probably end up with the Topshop ones though since I know they'll be skin tight! I'm dying for all the floral and strappy sundresses right now, the Sugarhill Boutique one is something that's a little out of my comfort zone but it looks perfect for a night out or afternoon tea I love it! I'm still lusting after every item in the Itchy & Scratchy collection for Drop Dead but this vest is just one of my favourite pieces, it's perfect for summer! I've also been lusting after pretty shirts for more formal occasions since I have loads of skirts but no pretty shirts this Sugarhill Boutique one is so cute, I love Bicycle Print it's just so fresh and pretty. I of course need new shoes and accessories too, I spotted these shoes in the Urban Outfitters sale last week and haven't stopped thinking about them since, the same with the jewellery I love anchor themed jewellery I had some anchor earrings a few years ago but I lost them and I was heartbroken! Floppy Hats! Aaaah, I just love them, I'm dying buy one before the summer is over, because I'll look fabulous right? Haha. Finally, I've been searching for a Black lipstick for a while now and I love the Lime Crime Velvetine but it's always sold out but Topshop have one very similar so I might have to make a cheeky purchase!
What have you been lusting after recently? 
K. x
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  1. Oh boy, I reeeally want that Itchy & Scratchy vest, it's so cute! And perfect for the next time I go to Universal Studios where they have an awesome Simpsons ride! :D

    Daydream Frenzy

    1. The itchy and scratchy stuff is amazing! It's what dreams are made of haha.