Sunday, 15 June 2014

The North East Tea Party Event

Two weeks ago today was the best event in the North East Blogger calendar ever, maybe I'm going over the top but it was the day of mine and Danni from Gingerbread Smiles' event! Somehow a chat with Chloe about coming to Middlesbrough for cake ended up with us hosting a tea party at Walkabout! The venue took forever to sort out we had 3 different venues before we finally settled on Walkabout as other places had problems. We asked everyone to bring along some baked goods and the selection we had was amazing, well done girls!
The afternoon was filled with chatter and cake eating, there was so much cake that everyone had to take some home! We ended with a raffle and by giving each guest a goodie bag which had many samples and products donated by some amazing brands which we are so thankful to. 
 Caroline made Disney biscuits and cakes as soon as I saw Simba I snatched him up!

 Although I don't want to be mean and pick favourites Steph's Cornflake tart was my favourite, it was my favourite dessert at school dinner and I even got to take an entire tray home! No one understands how happy this made me!
Photos courtesy of Caroline. Thanks to everyone who turned up, I really hope you had a good day, I've included a list of all attendees below so you can all go and find each other or if you didn't attend you can find a brilliant new blog to read.
Danni  Gingerbread Smiles
Chloe  New Girl In Toon
Steph  Jellybean Adventures
Caroline Notes From Caroline
Abbey  The Girl Who Wears A Bowtie

Kelly    This Northern Gal
Jen       From Juniper    

Emma  Emmehurr
Libby   The Universe According To Libby

Kate    Raspberry Cheeks
Sophie  Oh My God Its Sophie
Hannah Hannah Hepton
Kayleigh I Dream Of Coco
Louise  Whisky And Pancakes
Lisa      Is It Just Meme

Cate     Whimsy Cate
Nicola  An Appetite For Make Up

If I've left anyone off just let me know and I'll update the list! Thanks again to all the brands who got involved and to everyone who came! I know I had a lovely day and I hope you all did too!

K. x
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  1. Cornflake tarts, wow that takes me right back!!
    Simone | Thirty Something OAP

    1. I'm from Washington, Tyne & Wear and have been looking to find local bloggers to I've followed everyone on the list of attendees :-D

  2. :D So pleased you loved it, I pretty much gobbled up all the others with custard throughout the week at work. HEAVEN.

  3. Thanks again for arranging such a super afternoon! I'm so happy that you included the list of attendees, now I can follow everyone that I met! x

  4. Sorry I couldn't come again sweetie, damn illnesses! It looks like it was great! :D xxx

  5. Thanks again for hosting :) and I must say again how fabulous you looked in pink x

  6. Lovely meet with lovely ladies and yummy yummy cakes! :)
    Thanks for organising.


  7. I have tagged you to do the Leibster Award which you can read here If you do it just follow the instructions and you'll be good to go!

    Love your blog, Nia xxx