Wednesday, 30 July 2014

A Whole New Ilumi World *

I'd like to start with I'm a bad bad person who forgets to write blog posts and lets my life get in the way but no worries I'm finally sharing a post I've been dying to share with you for a while now! Also I'm a terrible food photographer unless it's cake haha, so I'm sorry for the poor photos. My sister and I are both on this weird trying to eat healthy thing at the moment meaning we're trying all sorts of meals and venturing into sections of the supermarket we didn't really know were there. Although I'm currently in love with Tesco's Free From range check out the gluten free ginger biscuits because they are fuckin' unreal like seriously you just accidentally eat a whole box but that's ok right? Cause they're gluten free and low in fat? Haha.
So when the lovely people at Tribal Media got in touch with me asking if I'd like to try some products from Ilumi I jumped at the chance. Ilumi are a company who make ready meals but not just any ready meals they make these super amazing healthy, nut, gluten and milk free ready meals! How good is that?! I already hate nuts and try to avoid those and I'm trying so hard to cut milk out of my diet and gluten well cutting down would be a plus, the benefits from these things are amazing, you're less prone to bloating and cutting gluten out is amazing for your skin, if you have bad eczema I really recommend it. I eagerly awaited my parcel excited to tuck into some new foods. I got to sample the Mediterranean collection, I promised my sister we'd have a meal together with them at first we were pretty hesitant to try them, how good could chicken or beef taste in a ready meal packet in the microwave? PRETTY DAMN GOOD THAT'S HOW.
Because we're greedy we decided to cook all four packets and just share them because we didn't know which we wanted to try more. So we pop the packets in the microwave not expecting too much then the smell hit us goddamn these things smell amazing, I swear I was only slightly hungry until I smelt these bad boys cooking. (I get really excited and enthusiastic about food sorry). But what about the taste I hear you ask. I got sent the Peppery Tuscan Style Beef Stew and I'm not going to lie to you I'm not the biggest beef fan but this was so full of flavour and the meat was perfect I expected it to be pretty rubbery but it was like a good bit of beef is if that makes sense (I'm not good at describing meat ok?!) Mediterranean Style Rice With Pork and Chorizo, I wasn't a massive fan of this but I'm weird on pork sometimes I like it others I don't Emilia (holla at ma sister) said it was really good and the chorizo was her favourite bit and the rice didn't stick together like you sometimes get with the Uncle Bens rice packets which was a major plus! Emilia also decided the Basil And Chicken Meatballs In A Tomato Sauce were her favourite so after one mouth full I wasn't allowed any more haha, the sauce for this was beautiful and the chicken meatballs were great. I'd never had chicken meatballs before and didn't know how I felt about microwaved chicken but it was damn tasty! My favourite of the four packets was the Piri Piri Portuguese Style Rice I love spicy rice and this did not disappoint and I wasn't left with a clump of burnt rice from the bottom of the packet (I'm looking at you Uncle Ben!)

I was so amazed by these meals, I couldn't believe that a ready meal could pack so much flavour but these really do. I'm definitely going to do a little order because they do a Spicy Butternut Squash Soup which would be perfect for the winter. Seriously head over to Ilumi World and order yourself a packet or two you won't regret it.

Thanks again to Ilumi and Tribal Media for sending me these samples. I'm sorry for getting far too excited about food also guys. Haha.

Have you tried Ilumi? Or any other Gluten Free products?

K. x
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  1. These sound so good, I like the sound of the chicken meatballs. Me lurrrrve me some chicken.

    Danniella x

    1. Haha, I'm not a massive chicken fan! I know I'm bad haha but these were not bad at all! x