Tuesday, 1 July 2014

Durham Cathedral Photography Evening

Now if you've never been to Durham Cathedral what have you been doing with you life? I forgive you if you've never been to Durham but if you have and you've passed up a trip to the Cathedral you have issues mate. The Cathedral is one of my favourite places in Durham, I'm always in awe of how beautiful it is, I love going just before it closes because the light looks amazing through the stain glass windows. Its just such a silent place and I just love going in and walking around just being completely quiet for a change. The place itself is just beautiful inside and out and the history of it is just brilliant. Honestly if you haven't been you must visit!
A few years ago Granda Ronnie and I went along to a photography evening there, I was just getting to grips with my camera and didn't really get any amazing shots I did however use them in my art coursework so it wasn't too bad. Fast forward 5 years later and we've booked tickets to go again. Photography is mine and my Granda's thing, we always go on little trips places together to take photos, he's the reason I'm forever wanting new cameras. He's also the reason I have about a million and one photos of every occasion in my life so far! We weren't sure we'd make it this year due to him being ill but he really went to a lot of effort to head there for an hour so we could have some granda-granddaughter time. Now I can't really share any proper cathedral photos with you but I'm going to share a few cheeky detail ones. 
It was such a beautiful night, warm with a slight breeze meaning it was nice walking back for the bus down by the river. I love Durham in the summertime it's just so pretty, although it's pretty all year round to be fair. I had such a good night with my granda, the photography evening is such a good event for those who enjoy photography, history and architecture as normally there is a ban on photos within the cathedral. Unlucky for me my camera died not long after arriving and I ended up using my phone but I do like the images I ended up with, I think the VSCOcam app is my new favourite!
I really just think everyone should take a trip to Durham Cathedral once in their lives, it's just truly beautiful. I plan on going back later in the summer and going up the tower as I've yet to go up!

Have you been to Durham Cathedral? 

K. x
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  1. This is such a brilliant idea and I never knew you could do it!

    1. Yeah it's just an occasional thing but it's perfect!

  2. you got some really nice shots :)
    I love the veiw of the cathedral over the water

    1. Thank you, the cathedral is beautiful so it's not too hard xx

  3. Ah how pretty! I'd love to go to a photo evening there.
    I've only been to Durham once and only seen the Cathedral from the outside as it was a trip with school to visit colleges haha.
    Although I'm not religious I have a strange fascination with churches/cathedrals etc - they are so eery and beautiful.

    Love that you got to spend quality time with your Granda too :)

    1. They have them every summer, tickets are only a tenner!
      Aww really? You'll have to come down and I'll take you on a Durham City tour! Haha.
      I'm not religious either but I love churches etc so much history and beauty! x