Friday, 11 July 2014

Fit Fridays

Say Hello to my new feature! Fit Fridays! (I was meant to write this post last week but I was far too busy oops!) I'm hoping to share my journey for fitness and my ideal body with you all. I plan on sharing my favourite healthy recipes, what I've been doing exercise wise, my tips and my progress and I'm quite excited about it. I feel like by blogging about it I will motivate myself to stick to it because you know I've told you all about it so I have to haha.

So the reasons behind my motivation? Well back in school I was fat (I probably wasn't but I'm convinced I was massive) anyway I lost the weight but I still wasn't happy but didn't do much about it because I had no one who believed I'd do exercise or anything because I'm Kloe, Kloe doesn't exercise. Then I met my ex and some days he'd tell me to eat more and make me eat proper big meals and stuff and then other days he'd tell me I should be healthy and not eat much and exercise it was weird I didn't know how to feel about my body at all because one minute it was good then the next I needed to eat better and exercise more? After we broke up I was determined to get myself the body I wanted without anyone to tell me I couldn't do it, as soon as I got back to uni I joined the gym and it's the best thing I've ever done best £90 of my loan ever haha. Of course I stuck to it pretty well but now it's the summer and I can't get to the uni gym until I go back and my local gym is an hour and 20 minute walk according to google maps and I have not got time for that haha. So I got myself some dumbbells and started myself a workout plan I'm also trying out several local fitness classes and see how they work for me along with editing my diet. Goodbye lots of unnatural sugars and takeaways.
I'm no longer overly bothered about losing weight, since last June I've lost 2 stone although I have put on about 6lb but that's most likely muscle. I'm now trying to focus on inches not stones and pounds and trying to build my muscle up. Although I really want to get rid of that bit of podge but it's proving to be a right struggle to move. I'd just really like that nicely toned body and I'm determined to achieve it! I can and will achieve it, I just need to have more faith in myself and hopefully that's something that will improve as the summer goes on. I'm hoping along with body fitness my mind will improve also, I'm aiming to be a more positive and motivated person but we'll wait and see about that yeah? Ha. I've took some before and after photos and every two weeks I plan on taking a new one to see how my body has changed if it has at all. I'm really excited about this and can't wait to look fabulous. Ha.

Anyway I'm going to just leave this here, as I'm not sure of what else I want to say. I'd give you my ideal measurements but I don't know what I want I'd like to be an 8 but my waist is pretty much there just my ass and hips don't agree which is a bit shit cause I can't get jeans to fit now! If anyone knows any solutions please let me know!

Are you on a health kick? What are your tips?
K. x
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