Saturday, 5 July 2014

I've Got Some Good News!

So these past few weeks have been absolutely dreadful, it's like the second I got back from Download Festival everything just went to shit in my life. I've had family issues, friend issues and was somewhat convinced one friend of mine was never going to speak to me again. There's been so many changes since I got back and so many down days I was beginning to give up on believing anything anyone was saying and on the verge of just not talking to people only speaking if they spoke first since I felt like all I do is make effort with people who don't care.

Anyway yesterday I got the news that I've passed my second year of university! I had 3 modules where I was 1% off a 2:1 and that makes me feel like if I work extra hard next year I should be able to leave with a really good grade. You honestly I have no idea how over the moon I am, this past year has been pretty hard on me, there's been so many down points and fall outs and just general life stress and bad news that it's been dreadful. I mean the uni year had great points too but there was so many lows and problems that I never thought I'd do so well in the year as I have. I just wanted to share it here with you guys, because I'm just so goddamn chuffed with the fact I've done it, I survived and didn't fail or have to re-sit because Genetics was fucking rock solid to be honest. I'm just so happy you have no clue, this news was just what I needed. Although I am actually terrified about going into my 3rd and final year on this course, I swear I just started first year not that long ago. I'm so scared about my final year project and the fact I'll no longer be a student but I also still have another what will be amazing but stressful year ahead and I can't wait!

So yeah I just really wanted to share that with you guys because I'm so chuffed about it, I keep smiling when I think about it. So happy even I've got myself a cheeky treat in the Ark sale because you know Ark has got the best sale on at the moment! Go see.

I hope all you followers who have sat exams have done well too!
K. x
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  1. Well done! And hope the rest of your issues sort themselves out xx

    1. Thank you and so far they are lets hope they all do! xx

  2. Well done! Hope everything else sorts itself out too.

  3. Congrats, well done! :)
    The only way is up..


  4. Congratulations! I thought id messed 2nd year up too then when i got my results i was very pleasantly surprised, its the best feeling!
    Hopefully its the start of better times ahead for you. I am, however, going to ignore the Ark sale, because when I lived in Sheffield there was an Ark store on the corner of the street i lived on, safe to say my bank balance went to shit...I place the blame fully on Ark, nothing to do with my own terrible lack of willpower.... x

  5. Congrats sweetie! I hope everything else sorts itself you for you as well, remember to text me if you're overloaded :D I managed to get a 2:1 too somehow haha :) xxx

  6. Congratulations, that's great news, well done! :-D
    Steph x


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