Wednesday, 30 July 2014

Ozeri Earth Friendly Frying Pan Review.*

I admit I'm a terrible person and was meant to write this review at the start of the month but life has gotten in the way majorly but to be fair it has given me more time to test the pan out! When I saw there was a chance for bloggers to try out earth friendly pans I was so game, living at uni I didn't think I'd need a frying pan much as I don't fry much turns out I really bloody need one for when I have a hang over so I jumped at the chance of trying it out. First of all thank you to Ozeri for the pan, as I am now able to fry as much as I like as often as I like and it's all Earth friendly so yey! I decided to take photos when I made shepherd's pie using it (got to fry your mince off first before you put it in the oven), so they aren't really attractive photos of the food but really we're hear to talk about a pretty cool pan not my food presentation skills haha.
So what makes the pan so special? 
  • Well lets start with how shiny it is! I'm like a magpie I get sucked in by shiny pretty things haha. 
  • It has ultra-safe ceramic coating which is 100% PTFE and PFOA free (these are usually found on non stick products an can be harmful chemicals to the environment.)
  • Has a great non-stick performance without sharing harmful fumes or toxins when used at high temperatures
  • Scratch resistant! 
  • Easy to clean
  • Has a heat resistant handle

So what did I think?
As you can see its so shiny!! and it has one of those cloth things so when you pop it in your cupboard it doesn't get scratches on it from those old not so shiny horrible pans you own! I kinda love the pan, and not just because it's shiny but because I can dry fry my mince and it doesn't stick, I do have to use a slight coating of oil for sausages though. Oh and since it's none stick it is sooooo easy to clean, you don't need to leave it to soak or spend ageeees trying to get all that grease off it! I did have a little trouble storing it since it's pretty big but after sorting my cupboard out it fit no problem. I also love the fact that I can lift the pan off the ring without wanting to cry, I hate pans which have handles that get super hot.
If you're looking for a good non-stick pan that's earth friendly you've got to get this bad boy. It even comes in a bright green! How pretty would that look in your kitchen ey? Seriously help the environment out next time you consider a pan.

What's your opinion on Earth Friendly products?
K. x
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