Tuesday, 15 July 2014

The Tuesday Playlist!

So remember Musical Mondays that lasted for like a month? Well I wanted to start including music on my blog again and I didn't really want to do that again so I thought why not share a playlist of my favourite songs of the past week with you! Because I listen to all sorts of rubbish (not actually rubbish) really and sometimes I have weeks where I listen to the most random stuff so why not share it here with you guys so you can see what I've been obsessing over and find some new music yourselves? I've discovered new bands from bloggers doing this kind of thing so hopefully you guys might too.
Please be prepared to find some shocking tunes in my playlists and some real guilty pleasures that may shock you! Haha. So shall I get on with my first playlist? 

Younger, Letlive - Letlive are my current music obsession, I can't get enough of them! I'm so gutted I missed them at Download all in the name of getting a good spot for Rob though so it's not all bad I guess. I've really been loving younger I love Jason's voice in it and I am loving that beard he is sporting in the video also! What a babe!
Unholy Confessions, Avenged Sevenfold - Download Festival made me go back to listening to Avenges real old stuff I can't remember the last time I listened to Waking The Fallen or Sounding The Seventh Trumpet all the way through. After hearing Unholy Confessions live I just keep wanting to listen to it, Avenged were just so good I can't deal when I listen to them haha I just want to go back especially when I hear this song.
Pushing Me Away, Linkin Park - Listening to Linkin Park takes me right back to being 13, me and Eleanor were singing it on Saturday and it was just nice so I wanted to include it in the playlist. The song lyrics are pretty relevant too.
Famous Last Words, My Chemical Romance - The other day I was feeling really down and none of my playlist was working then this little beauty came on, after a minute or so of singing in a ridiculous Gerard Way voice I felt much better, I've pretty much listened to it every day since. Plus who doesn't want to relive the emo days?
Fancy, Iggy Azalea - Major guilty pleasure right here, this song is so damn catchy I hate it, once I hear it I'm singing it for daaaays. Plus the video is Clueless inspired so it's just pretty damn good.
Miss Nothing, The Pretty Reckless - We all know I have a major girl crush on Taylor Momsen, can I just be her? But her music is pretty good too, she has some fairly catchy tunes and this is one of them I find it's my favourite song to get dressed to when I want to feel sassy as fuuuuck. Try it I'm sure you'll love it ha.
Movies, Alien Ant Farm - This song is just brilliant, I hadn't heard it for years then it was on kerrang and I just had to add it to my playlist because it's so damn catchy and to me just takes you right back to the early 2000s.
Celebrity Skin, Hole - I have a love hate thing for Courtney Love and Hole but I'll forever love this song, I feel like a few lines in the song describe how I feel when I wake up dying from too much tequila. I'm not overly sure why but they do haha. Anyway you should totally listen to it because it's great!

Personally I think this is much better than Musical Monday's already and I've just written and posted it and have no idea what peoples feedback will be! Haha So what do you actually think? Is it a good addition to the blog for something a bit different to usual?

K. x
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