Thursday, 17 July 2014

Yet Another Wishlist Of Things I Need In My Wardrobe.

Yes I'm sharing yet another playlist filled with stuff I 'need' in my life. But I have good news to go with it! If you follow me on instagram or twitter (if you don't you totally should You get to see my face on instagram and hear me moan, rant and sing on twitter) you'll know that yesterday I got myself a little job! I'm over the moon so it means not only will I be able to go see my friends and escape my family but I'll be able to expand my wardrobe! I'll finally be able to buy some beaut items from my wishlists! Go me! Anyway what do I 'need' this week?  
more clothes i need

1. Parka2. Bag3. Print Dress4. Underwear5. Shoes6. Rings7. Fox Bangle8. Midi Skirt9. Jeans10. Rocket Science Top11. Architects Top12. Flower Playsuit

I'm in desperate need for a new parka, I have my amazing huge fluffy ASOS one for winter but I need a lighter weight one and ark has the perfect one. I obviously need underwear too and how cute is that Topshop set? The 'geek' shoe love continues I got a black pair but I still need a burgundy pair I saw some in the Topshop sale in every size but a 5/6 my heart broke thankfully Ark have a pair! I'm still loving graphic tees and ripped knee jeans too, will it ever end? I love the Rocket Science top because I'm a scientist and everyone in the fam call me a rocket scientist cause I'm smart yet tell me it can't be that hard! Haha. I need the Architects top too because they're a damn good band and I like that this is a girly band tee! I love the black playsuit it's so pretty, I'm obviously just in love with everything in Ark right? I really want a midi skirt but I'm so short I'm unsure I'll suit it but urgh look at how pretty it is! The same with the ASA dress I need it but it'll be too long for me </3 Short girl problems! Finally! That backpack is adorable as is the fox bangle and I can never have enough rings right? I mean that pack has a pentagram one! Love it!
What are you lusting over this week? 

K. x
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  1. YESSSSSS ABANDON SHIP. That dress is so amazing.

    Your wishlists are always fantastic, you got styyyyyyle.

    1. Urgh, the entire new collection from Abandon ship is killing me! Thank you!

  2. You always find the nicest clothes!

    Danniella x

    1. I just spend far too much time online window shopping! Haha. x