Wednesday, 6 August 2014

365, 91-97

Last week was like the week from hell, not even kidding. It was just so awful, I was so pleased when it ended. If it wasn't for two of my good friends being there and listening to my troubles / helping me out and my other two amazing friends for dragging me to the pub to cheer me up I don't think I'd have made it to Monday. Thankfully this week things seem to be going much smoother and I'm able to avoid everything going on by hiding in my room haha. Hiding in my room means I get to watch a shit ton of Buffy though so that's ok. Really there's not much to say about the past week aside from it was hard on me but I had the guys and it's true guy friends really are better than girlfriends 'cause they take you for a pint or call you cutie and listen to your problems and everything is better. 
91. Oli seems to know I'll be heading back to uni soon and just won't leave me alone.
 92.  I was so stressed I needed chocolate and Gran Dot did not disappoint.
 93.  Mugs of coffee or tea whilst watching Buffy is my new favourite thing.
94. Thursday was wet and miserable just how I like it. I decided to take a break from Buffy and re-watch Twin Peaks. 
 95. Shaun & Michael aka team pop punk & Lewis are bad bad people getting me to go to the pub yet again, we had a laugh though a few rounds of Never Have I Ever and then a trip to the pizza shop these lads know how to make it better!
 96. If you don't coat your toast in butter you are doing it wrong my friend.
97. Sunday's feel like hangovers I wake up late and feel grouchy and hungry all day but this week I remembered I have to water my cactus so that's always a plus right?

What have you been up to recently?
K. x
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  1. I really want some burry toast now...

  2. Hahahha I was just about to comment that I'm going to get buttery toast and I read the comment above lol.
    I love your cactus too!

    1. Haha, buttery toast is the best possibly beat now and then by Lemon Curd haha. I love the cactus too so cute! x