Wednesday, 13 August 2014

365, 98-104

The majority of last week was spent not really doing that much I didn't even have work so I spent most of my time reading or watching Buffy. Don't I live a super duper exciting life? Haha. I have spent a lot of the week getting really stressed out though, I'm rather fed up with being at home, to make it worse I can't move into my uni house till September either so it's you know it's no fun. But last week did have some good points, Wednesday I ended up going for a Mcdonalds with Lewis which ended up with me being at his till after 1am watching Hannibal, I'm a little in love with Will Graham, the same happened on Thursday I popped to Lewis' so I could steal Hannibal and I ended up staying about 4 hours watching Adventure Time! Oops. I'm pleased I have best friends that don't mind letting me hide out at their houses! 
98. My gran has re-decorated so I'm now the proud owner of 11 beautiful butterflies! I can't wait to buy myself some!
99. I got some new trainers for the gym/jogging because my other ones have finally fallen apart. These are so comfy tho!
100. I started and finished 13 Reasons Why and will be writing a review to be up over the weekend.
101. This stuff tastes amazing.
102. Treacle Sponge is soo good.
103. My new Drop Dead skirt came and I'm very much in love and can't wait to share an outfit post with you all!
104. Thanks to Chelsea posting a photo on instagram of a Magnum I walked round the shop at half 9 to get one and it was the best Magnum I've had. So worth the late night walk.

So that was my week, not overly exciting and I doubt this weeks photo will be that exciting considering I'm at work Thursday, Friday &Saturday night meaning I'll be sleeping most of the weekend haha. Although I'm staying at my friends house Thursday/Friday so I might have something different that watching Buffy all day to talk about but I doubt it. Haha

How has your week been?  

K. x
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  1. Love the skirt! I think I need to invest in some better running trainers as I seem to off hurt my ankle in my current ones which are just a cheap pair. Just as I was getting in to the swing of it too x