Wednesday, 20 August 2014

365, 105-111

So you probably noticed I've been abscent on the social media front for almost a week, barely tweeting, instagramming and only one blog post since last Wednesday! I would love to say I've been super busy doing super exciting stuff but I was working Thursday-Saturday nights so I spent most of the weekend sleeping and I was at a christening Sunday and then I've been super duper ill since so I've been dying in bed watching netflix because what else can you do ey? My entire family life kinda fell apart the early hours of Saturday morning so I've been trying to pick up the pieces and sort a lot out so I've been busy with that. Buuut I'm happy to share that on the 1st of September I will be moving back to Middlesbrough so I'm super excited for that. Even though no one else is in Boro and I'll be on my own buuuuut you know. Anyway I'm sure you're sick of me blabbing on and what to see what last week brought right? 
 105. This is an awful photo but it's the only one from Monday soooo, I took my dogs for a nice walk to see me gran and they pretty much dragged me the entire way there they were that happy to get out the house!
106. My gran bought me a new cactus.
 107. Unicorn Pjs are obviously the greatest.
 108.  Oli got caught out in yet another storm queue her being wrapped in blankets and cuddled to death!
 109. I know I posted this on instagram on Wednesday buuuut I wore it Friday too and it's beautiful choker. (From Dog Breath Apparel on ASOS Market Place)
 110. Pancakes for breakfast!
111. Yes that is me with a baby. I actually look comfortable and happy too, which is a major shock but how can you not be all happy and shit when you're holding a child as cute and chubby as this little cutie?! I attended an old family friends son's christening on Sunday, it was pretty cute. Babies that have little rolls make me go awwww like there is no tomorrow!

So nothing majorly exciting happened last week apart from working and seeing family. I've got to start doing something more exciting with my days! I need more friends in my home town 'cause everyone is away still. Oh well. I'd need money to do stuff too to be fair. Ah well, so far this week has been more interesting and I have a work night out tomorrow so that'll be fun no doubt!

What has your week been like? 

K. x
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  1. Eek! I hope the family thing sorts itself out soon my dear. Families, who'd have them, eh?

    Those pyjamas are amazing!! X