Friday, 15 August 2014

Fashion Inspiration Friday #3 // It's A 'Goth' Life

I pretty much live in the colour Black most of the year but in the summer I try to tone it a down a little add a bit of white in there and the occasional bit of colour but most of the time I'm in black or other dark colours. This has earned me from several of my friends the title Goth or Goth Slut I personally find this hilarious as I'm no way a goth I listen to pop punk or metal but my wardrobe does scream Goth. When the ASOS mag came the other week I was so excited to see 'Victorian Gothic' as a A/W14 trend, I can't wait to buy eeeverything in Black, velvet and mesh, is it Autumn yet? Haha. But it got me thinkin' what about casual goth and summer goth? So here are some inspirations from pinterest of course and a wishlist of all the 'goth' things I need in life.
I'm forever jealous of those girls that always have the long somewhat curled hair and the long legs in the ting black dresses and stockings. What I love most about the 'goth' look is how the girls always look like they could probably crush your head between their thighs if you give them shit, it's a tough but sexy look and I love it. When my legs are slimmer and more toned I'm definitely going to rock the stockings and dress look more often, chokers have been a staple of mine for about a year now so I just need to bring out the stockings and knee high socks more!
It's a goth life

I'm pretty much in love with all these items but there is no way I'll even own half of them, I mean that underwear set is £210 my heart breaks oh Agent Provocateur why are you so expensive? Also pretty much everything else is expensive because UNIF &Dolls Kill are the perfect places to shop I am completely and utterly in love with the leather pinafore it might have to fall into my wardrobe after student loans! The ASOS cami dress is pretty perfect though and a good price so no doubt that will definitely end up in my selection of black clothes. I'm dying to get some more velvetines I want to entire clueless witch selection, I already have wicked and it's definitely my favourite ever shade. Finally I need these thigh harnesses I searched every where months ago and they were so so expensive and it made me cry buuuut my babe Beca opened an Etsy store and these are super affordable. I have a review coming soon on a pair of garters she made me just I've been far too busy to edit the photos but it will be up next week and you can see how amazing the quality is!
So that's this weeks Fashion Inspo Friday, what's your opinion on the 'goth' life?

K. x


  1. Why are pretty things always so expensive? I need some everyday platform shoes/boots in my life, and some nice going out shoes.

  2. Awww thanks for the Etsy store mention in your wishlist/inspo post as well, you're such a babe! :D xxx

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