Monday, 11 August 2014

For The Love Of Beards #3 // Favourite Bearded Actors

It feels like it has been sooooooooo long since I last shared some bearded beauties with you all! I know a lot of you rather like this feature I'm sorry it's been so long since the last I kept meaning to write one but I was forever getting sidetracked looking at real beautiful men. You see I'm writing this at 10pm I've had all day to do it, but instead I decided to just look at all the beards I could find online. I'm terrible haha. This time around I've decided to share with you a few of my favourite bearded actors no doubt I will return to actors in the future because there are so many beautifully bearded ones but for now here are a five of my favourite. I hope you enjoy looking at these babes as much as I do haha.
Every thing about Brad Pitt in this photo (1995) makes me want him so bad. That hair cut, that little beard, that face he's pulling. Se7en is one of my favourite Pitt films because he looks so perfect in it and well it's such a good movie about a psychopath so it's obviously something I love haha. To be fair though, Brad still has it now even though he's old enough to be my dad but he's still a babe and can still make a beard work.
Jared Leto will forever be a babe, although I've only seen three film's with him in (America Psycho, Fight Club &Urban Legend) but you know I like his music more but you know he's an actor so he can be here too. I'm so jealous of his amazing locks too. Look at that moody face, how can you not want to pounce on him? 
Now after reading the Sookie Stackhouse series I was already a bit in love with Eric Northman but when Alexander Skarsgard was cast I just about wet my pants at every scene he was in hahaha. (Too much?) I'm not going to lie but I've never seen him in any other role but he's great at playing the sexiest vampire ever. I'd happily let him in to bite my neck ha. 
Chace Crawford is such a cutie just look at him! I just want to squish him. 
Finally is my babe Kit Harrington, look at him and that man bun he's been seen sporting. He should definitely marry me. Since he first appeared on my skin screen as Jon Snow I was a little bit in love I can't lie to you. Haha. 

So what do you think of this weeks selection of men? I wish there was a magazine full of topless beautiful beaded men you know men can have their magazines of attractive women with good boobs where my beautiful men with good beards? Haha. 

What should I do next? Favourite bearded musicians? or just a mixture of men? Haha. 
K. x
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  1. Oh no, not Jared Leto! I vote favorite bearded sportsmen!
    Kurt Pellegrino for the win. Ahh beards!

    1. What?! He's a babe! Haha. I don't know any sportsmen! I shall research them all and do a sportsmen post! xx

  2. Alexander Skarsgard *drools* the guy is hot! It's amazing how many people look that bit hotter with beards. Oooo I'd like to see some sportsmen too come to think of it.

    Rhiannon x
    The Sparkly Panda

    1. He's so fit right?! Beards definitely improve a man! Haha. I'll definitely look into sportsmen! xx

  3. I was so eagerly awaiting this post! I'm sure I'm drooling :D xx

  4. oooft skarsgard and harrington. yes please!

  5. Interesting post!