Saturday, 9 August 2014

I've Been Spending All My Money... Oops.

So I went a little mad in some sales and I had a little treat for good grades and I got paid so I got myself some well deserved treats over the past few weeks and I know how much everyone loves a good haul post. At least I know I do, but that's probably because I'm soooo nosy! Also I know I should be saving all my money but after a really hard few months a few treats through out the past have definitely made me feel better. I'm determined to save all my pennies now because I want to take my gran out and give her a good treat because she's been such a babe recently. Shall I get to the clothes then? 
 I have been lusting over this dress for absolutely ageees since I first saw it on Ark in March but there was no way I was paying £45 for a dress, I then saw it on ASOS for £30 but still I couldn't do it. Then I saw it on the Lavish Alice site itself for £16 and I'm pleased to say it still is! The colour doesn't photograph well but it's such a pretty mint colour and I can't wait to wear it next weekend!
 I've been dying for a bodycon bardot dress for a while now and when I saw this in Primark for £5 I couldn't say no!
 Wine coloured skirts ready for the winter? Yes please. H&M £4.
 Cami bodysuits are so freakin' hard to find you know! Would you believe it? I finally found this one at ASOS.
 I've also had such a struggle to find a pair of black ripped knee skinny jeans that fit me! Thank you ASOS petite for being perfect!
The new Drop Dead collection launched Monday and the second I saw this skirt I had to have it. You've all seen my thigh tattoo right? I have a thing for anatomical hearts and this skirt is perfect. It fits so well too I was so worried it wouldn't fit right cause Drop Dead have weird sizes but nope, this was perfect! 

I needed some new every day perfume, cause my Black XS is running out so I'm trying to save it for special occasions haha. I saw CK Shock in Debenhams for £15 I couldn't say no. As for Nip & Fab I found that in savers for £2.99! It smells so good and my skin is super duper soft!

 My love of hats continues! Beanie ASOS £3.00 & Floppy Fedora type hat £7 Primark.
 How pretty is that bra seriously? The Ann Summers sale is amazing, I would have bought the entire store if I could! The best part is the bra was only £9 too! Spotty socks were from River Island via ASOS now sold out and the Pug ones are ASOS £2.
 I needed some new trainers so bad, my others were falling apart then I saw these bad boys and gran dot the babe that she is made me order them.
 I absolutely hate creepers, I think they are vile and the most disgusting shoes EVER. Yet I think they look kinda cute with black tights and my 'goth' dresses but I still hate them and think they're disgusting but for £4 in Primark I couldn't say no. The other pair were also £4 in Primark.
After months of looking at it I decided to finally order the Ruby Doom Ring from Drop Dead. It's real pretty.

So as you can see I'm a bad person but everything has been sale items or cheap so it's not too bad right? And I bloody well deserve it after the past few weeks/months. Plus I have a job now so I can buy myself the odd treat. I am now trying not to spend any more money so I can prove to one of my friends I can save because he tells me off whenever I buy something new haha. I've got to save now anyway my next purchase will hopefully be a new tattoo! Fingers crossed!
Have you bought anything nice recently? 

K. x
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  1. Wow fab haul doll, you've got so many great items here! Those creepers are such a bargain, I need some more 'casual' shoes so may have to go hunt them out! x

    The Belle Narrative

    1. Thanks lovely, I know I couldn't believe it when I saw the price of them! Primark is definitely the place for shoes right now! x

  2. Everyone deserves a treat lovely! Some absolute bargains here too!

    K xx

    1. I like to think I'm good at finding me a bargain haha. xx

  3. Ah everything is so nice! So jealous :D xxx

  4. £16 you say! I am so there with that dress, it's a beauty x

    1. I know! I couldn't believe it considering everywhere else its £25 in the sale! xx