Saturday, 9 August 2014

BEAUTY: | Jica Beauty. // Jica Lash Extension Review*

A few weeks ago I was contacted by Tribal Media to try out some beauty products from Jica  one of these products was the M Nail Magic but the item I was most excited about trying as the Jica Lash. I'd love to have the energy to go to the effort of wearing false eyelashes when I go out but I'm to lazy and this stuff promised to give you amazingly thick and long lashes. This product is different to any other products I've tried for longer thicker lashes this has a natural lash fibre which are easily removed when you take your make up off!
To apply you first apply your mascara I used the Oriflame Wonder Lash Mascara which I'll be reviewing soon because it is pretty much my favourite mascara right now. Anyway back on topic, whilst the mascara is wet you apply some of the lash extension, you've got to make sure you look down when you do this so the fibres don't get all over your face because it makes you look like you have a real hairy face haha. Once you've done this you go over your lashes with another coat of mascara.

As you can see the product does make my lashes stand out more, look thicker and longer. The first time I applied it I used the false lash effect mascara and I felt like a camel or something the length of my lashes! Haha. You can easily build this product up too so your lashes are thicker and longer! What's not to like? The only problem is that if you don't apply it correctly you get a bit of a furry face haha.

Thank you so much to Jica & Tribal Media for allowing me to review and try this product, I'm very much in love, it's pretty amazing.
Have you tried any lash extension products?
K. x
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