Wednesday, 6 August 2014

BEAUTY: | Jica Beauty. // M Nail Magic Review*

Now I'm not going to lie when I was contacted by Tribal Media to see if I would like to review some products from the company Jica I had no idea who they were! A quick google told me they were a company who aim to sell good quality products with good customer services, after a quick read up on the products on offer I jumped at the chance.

I've been trying to grow my nails for ages and I get to a good length and they snap, they're so weak so I was dying to try this product out! What does it say?
Nail Magic Hardener & Condition is a unique blend of ingredients which stimulates healthy and beautiful nail growth while strengthening and conditioning. It has been proven effective in the treatment of thin, weak, splitting, peeling, damaged and chipping nails. Long, strong nails in just six weeks guaranteed! 

Ok so I haven't used this item for 6 weeks annnnd I haven't got any before and after photos of my nails but that's because I had to cut them due to work. I kept knocking the wrong thing on the till as they've gotten so long! Which means this stuff is legit! My nails have grown so much, I've read a few reviews where people say that they didn't understand why it hadn't worked for them but they'd only applied it once, you've got to apply it twice a week for 8 weeks then once a week after that so you know that's probably why it didn't work for them! The varnish itself is about the same colour as your nail naturally is and drys so quickly. I've tried products like this before that have been goopy and haven't dried nicely but this one did and I'm absolutely loving using it! My nails aren't snapping at the smallest thing either, they've definitely got stronger.

So it is possible that my nail growth is due to my change in diet and the fact I've stopped biting them when stressed but there is no denying they're pretty strong now. If you want strong nails I'd definitely recommend buying Nail Magic! Thank you Tribal Media & Jica Beauty for giving me the chance to try this product! I'll most likely be repurchasing!

Have you tried Nail Magic? 

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