Monday, 4 August 2014

Love, what is it?

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When you ask someone what love is they automatically say something that is between a couple, people who are together for better or worse are boyfriend and girlfriend or whatever. But that's not the only love there is. It's about Midnight, I'm tired, I've had a pretty shitty weekend and eating the biggest slice of cheesecake has just made me worse so what else could I do but write a blog post to make myself feel better? Because venting is the best yes? The past few days I've been thinking about love a lot and all the different kinds of love there is. You've got love that's filled with passion and affection for someone else, love that's full of fondness for a thing or a place, love that's a deep kind of attachment and for a person or animal and the love that's forced up on you as they are your family. That sounds harsh but today a friend of mine really made me realise that you don't always love your family because you're super attached to them but because you have to.
source: weheartit
Of course I'm not going to talk about love for places or things or else I'd be sat here passionately talking to you about cats, beards and cheesecake haha. I'm not here to talk about the soppy kind of love either really, I'm going to talk about the love for people and what in my opinion love is. Love should be something that's shown to someone not just told, what's the point in telling someone you love them if you're just hurting them constantly or if their hurting you constantly?
In my opinion love is 
Letting someone call you a dickhead but not holding it against them because you know you are being a bit of a dick, you just suck it up and get on with your life.
Not holding grudges about something that happened days, weeks, months ago.
Just making someone a random cup of tea or vodka & coke.
Comforting them when they need you, giving them a cuddle telling them it'll be alright even though you can't promise that because you know that's what they need.
Telling them the harsh truth when that's what they need to hear, because sometimes you've got to tell the ones you love that they're either delusional or out of order.
Sharing that pizza.
Helping each other out in times of need, whether it's talking until a stupid hour in the morning so they feel better, it's money trouble, health problems anything you help because it's what you do when you love someone.
You respect their feelings and thoughts.
You let them talk about what their passionate about even if you don't give a shit, you laugh at their shitty jokes and let them tell you the same stupid story for the 1000th time.
Thinking about how your actions will affect them.

Recently I've been in an odd situation, I'm not going to go into it because I'd like to keep my blog a more positive place than my twitter which is where I do all my bitching and moaning haha. Recently all I've seen love wise is not compromise and it's of the conditional kind. Why should you love someone if all they do is put you down? Upset you? Only talk to you when they want something? Love is not giving someone an ultimatum making someone change and pick between you and something they can't really send away or get rid of. I'm talking family not just relationships, why should you love a family member if they just treat you like shit constantly and don't care because their too busy changing to impress someone else? Just because their your family doesn't mean you have to love them, and you shouldn't be made to feel guilty about that. The recent displays of 'love' that I've seen really don't make me feel confident about my future, I don't want a love where I feel pressured to change everything about myself and the things I love to keep someone else, I don't want to love someone conditionally especially my future children (as in 10 years time or something haha not the near future) I want my life to be filled with unconditional love. Yeah people fight but they still love each other after they've cooled down they apologise and you forgive, you may not forget but you forgive and that's how you grow stronger as either a family, a couple or as friends.

With recent events I feel like maybe love doesn't exist? Maybe I've just become extremely cynical but the past month has really made me wonder if people are capable of loving other humans. Sooner or later I'm going to stop loving people and then they'll realise that they've fucked up and I'm ok with that because I can't go on in my life loving the people who constantly upset me. Don't get me wrong though because I like to think that one day someone other than those who are meant to will love me and maybe if love exists I will fall too (I've accidentally just sang Aiden lyrics oops). I feel like some of the people in my life have forgot what love is, and maybe if they see this post they might realise and change how they're behaving. I don't know.

Anyway I should probably get some sleep, I worked last night and didn't get into bed till 5am so this is probably all just crappy rambling to most of you and I'm sorry for that. But I'm hoping that maybe it has reminded you what love is and the next time you argue with your mother, father, child, best friend, loved one that you love them unconditionally no matter what they just did or said to you (unless it's like you know stab you or something proper serious but even then I'd say you might still love them a little cause we are human you can't stop loving someone straight away it's a gradual thing.) and you make sure that you tell them and show them that you love them because you might end up regretting it if not.

K. x
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  1. *hugs* we are so on the same page about love! Fuck people who don't deserve our affections! Next time I'm Northward Bound we should get pizza and cocktails xxx

    1. I'm pleased someone else has the same thoughts as me! We have definitely got to go for pizza and cocktails! I'll hold you to it! Haha xxx