Thursday, 21 August 2014

Studded Garters // Introducing Sister Serpentine*

I'm a bad blogger, I've been meaning to write this post for about forever! A couple of months ago the mega babe that is Beca who is one of my favourite bloggers ever you've really got to and check her out, she has amazing music taste and super pretty hair! Anyway She started up her own Business Sister Serpentine selling garter belts, thigh harnesses/gartersbralets/harnesses and chokers the items are pretty amazing. Everything is made to your measurements too so you know it's going to fit unless you're me and lose weight off your thighs after sending your measurements over, oops! No worries they just fit me a little further up although if I asked Beca I'm fairly sure she'd adjust them for me. So lets see the Garters ey?
I feel like these photos aren't as good as they could have been buut I've been too ill to take any new ones but I do promise a full outfit post featuring them in the future! Also I look super trashy in that last photo but I kinda like it! Haha. The Garters I picked were the Studded Thigh Garter and the quality is super good and they look so pretty and I want to wear them all the time! What I love about the store is how affordable it is! I've been searching etsy for what feels like forever looking for garters and harness' that aren't £4384923842 these studded ones are £6.50 which is such a good price! I'm going to get myself a the double strap thigh harnesses when I get paid because they're so pretty! Plus for £4 I cannot go wrong really!

You can follow Sister Serpentine on both Facebook and Twitter , I'd definitely recommend the store to anyone looking for garters and this is just Beca's first range so I can't wait to see future designs! Beca also has a discount code for 10% off any order over £5 (not including shipping) the code is : SKULLSNKISSES. Since there's a discount code you've got to go and make an order now haven't you?! Go go go!!!!
I'd like to say thanks to Beca for sending me these to review, I absolutely love them and may have to wear them out tonight!
K. x
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